Verizon Confirms 5G Network Support for Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Note lovers should cheer up as the good news which was previously a rumor has now been confirmed. We are talking about Samsung Galaxy Note 10 supporting 5G. Yes, Verizon today confirmed that Galaxy Note 10 flagship will indeed support the latest generation 5G network. Samsung already released a 5G variant for its Galaxy S10 so it is quite logical it adds similar functionality to upcoming Galaxy Note 10.

As there is always a bigger difference between the Note series and the S series of Samsung Mobiles, later this year Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is expected to release. There are a lot of rumors going on which still need verification. While many would not see Galaxy Note 10 affecting sales of Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10+, it still has an impact. Also, until the release many people would have enjoyed the experience of Samsung Galaxy S10 series and would be ready for a trade-in option for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Verizon Galaxy Note 10, 5G Network

Verizon’s 5G Network

As Verizon has started distributing 5G network within the United States and the start was taken from 2 cities and currently there are 20 cities which support 5G network. Here is a list of the 20 cities within the US which have Verizon’s 5G support.

DallasDes Moines
Kansas CityLittle Rock
ProvidenceSan Diego
Salt Lake CityWashington

Verizon about Samsung Galaxy Note 10

As Verizon is bringing 5G to the US, it expects to have the 5G capability within their phones too. The rumored and near to be announced Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is said to be 5G capable. As Samsung has started pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, it is a very good option to try the latest phone with the latest generation. The normal Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10+ do not support 5G due to which Samsung had to begin with a new flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

Samsung expects to launch Note 10 within the last half of 2019 which can be a competitor itself with the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, as both are going to be 5G compatible, the power of connectivity and performance will be a tough competition for users to either keep their Samsung Galaxy S10 5G or trade-in it for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

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