Google Chrome 74 Available for Android with Dark Mode, New Features

Chrome 74 is now available for Mac, Windows, Linux and now, Android too. Yes, it has arrived for Android as well. The Android version is a smooth version in easy words. It allows website with heavy data to be processed in a very formal and lite way. As the “Data Saver” option has been renamed to “Lite Mode”. Lite Mode features requests the website turn off heavy duty actions like animations or any other kind of action which might affect the performance of the website on the Mobile OS.

Within latest Android a feature called “Remove Animations” is available which allows users to remove transitions, smooth scrolling and effects like zoom through pinching across the whole OS and some of third-party apps, same options have arrived within Chrome 74. Also, in new Google Chrome, the CSS prefers reduced motion query which notifies the websites to maintain user preference according to the system-level, which acts as the “Remove Animations” feature or the website within Google Chrome App.

Google Chrome 74

What’s New in Chrome 74 for Android

Here are details on what has changed with the latest Google Chrome 74 version.

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“Data Saver” or “Lite Mode”

Let’s start with “Data Saver”, Oh sorry, I already told you guys its renamed to “Lite Mode”. Lite Mode has the duty to minimize and provide essential data on a website which has many advantages like fast browsing due to less memory usage which means 60% reduction of data, and performance improvements.

Sync and Google Services

The second feature that has changed within Chrome 47 is the “Sync and Google Services” which just popped out of privacy into the main Settings screen. At first, the “Sync and Google Services” feature was available only on desktop Chrome version but now it is implemented within the Android version too

Share & Edit

Another feature through which users can change the link within the URL Address bar or share it directly from there. It was a hassle to write down the correct URL just because of a single character mistake, so Google thought of giving this feature to make it easy for users to directly edit the web addresses within the URL address. Not only users can edit the address, but they can also even share the whole web address.

Translate instantly

Chrome 74 has added a Translate button within the overflow menu which can instantly translate every word on a website into user desired language. A slide bar at the bottom with the English language and the translate logo appears which allows users to add more languages by clicking the overflow menu. Users can translate any webpage within the provided languages by Google Translate.

Downloads do not cost a webpage anymore

When clicked on a download link, a new webpage within the download link used to open to start the download. No more, a user needs to just click manually and no auto-downloads are going to start. The browser is going to prevent downloads in sandboxed iframes. Within Chrome 74, this feature is deprecated.

Download Google Chrome 74 APK

Here you can download Chrome 74 APK directly to install on your Android device.

Download: Google-Chrome_74.0.3729.112-372911200.apk

Let us know if you’ve updated Google Chrome to version 74? Tell us about the features we discussed above? We love to hear from you. Happy Chroming!

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