Dark Mode for Facebook Messenger Officially On the Way

Facebook came up with the idea of Dark Mode for the Messenger. A new Mode in which users can change the interface base color from white to black. This option is available under “Dark Mode” within your profile in the Messenger app. Facebook has made this option official after a long time, don’t know why with every cutting-edge technology they have, what took them so long to have such a great feature developed so late. This mode was under beta testing for a while now.

As Facebook started evolving and getting more than a million users, Facebook stripped the Messenger functionality into a standalone application for the Mobile and the Web. Facebook developed Messenger on August 9, 2011, with the name of Facebook chat and later changing the name to Messenger while worked on it’s UI and performance to bring out an amazing experience for the user.

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

Enabling the Dark Mode Feature

To enable the dark mode feature, navigate to the Messenger App, Click on your profile picture which is in the top left corner. Below the profile picture the first setting is Dark Mode with a switch to turn it on or off. Click on the switch and let the magic happen. You will have something similar like this

Dark Mode for Facebook Messenger Officially On the Way 1

If you are not comfortable with the dark mode and want to disable it. Just press the Dark Mode switch again from your profile. That will disable it. The advantage of having Dark Mode Messenger is not to kill the brightness at night. As in a dark room a Dark Mode on FB Messenger is perfect to fit the occasion.

If you don’t have the Dark Mode switch, kindly update your Messenger from the Google Play Store. As Facebook has made this an official feature, it will be available within the latest update. The Dark Mode is not introduced for the Web & Messenger Lite but Facebook might have plans for releasing this awesome feature in the future for them. We’ll have to just wait and see.

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