AT&T Offers 16GB Data for $40 per Month

If you are planning to switch mobile network provider, we have a great new AT&T offer for you. AT&T just brought a brand new promotion for mobile data users. Starting from April 12 to July 7, all new AT&T subscribers will receive double data for a $50/month plan with AT&T Prepaid Services. The offer is only valid for new subscribers, not for existing users. However, there are few workarounds AT&T customers can utilize to avail it.

Signing up as a new subscriber offers 16 GB of data instead of 8 GB. Using Autopay can reduce the amount to $40/month which is a good option for those who haven’t tried out Autopay. If you are planning to become an AT&T user, then it’s the right time and the right choice. This offer only stays till July 7, 2019. Grab this offer from your nearest AT&T store or just order online from the AT&T website

16GB Data, AT&T

AT&T Offers 16GB Data for 8GB Price

AT&T has come up with a brand new promotion which ends on July 7. Getting double data just for $50/month and if you use AutoPay, the price gets reduced to $40. AT&T has made this offer available only for new subscribers there is a way.

Sign up on AT&T by buying a new phone with the network:

Existing subscribers can avail the offer through two routes, either adding a new line to an existing plan or canceling the current line and signing up for a new one. But the latter isn’t advised, consulting an official AT&T representative will help you find out the best way for your specific situation.

Visit the nearest store or avail the double data offer at AT&T here

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