Google Play Store 14.5.52 APK Update Bringing Another Material Redesign

Google has been recently revamping its native app UIs and the newest app to receive a redesign is Google Play Store. Previously, we saw Google Keep, Google Music, Google Photos, Google Calendar undergo a major design change. And now, Google has decided to rework Play Store. New, upcoming version has a lot of Material Design elements ranging from new icons, new style to a complete new User Interface for all.

With the latest update (v14.5.52) of Google Play Store, the whole theme of the Play Store is renovated and designed according to Material Design which is a lot better than the old one. The objective of a user interface is to be clean and easy to navigate through, giving a sense of being when a user launches an app. Along with the redesign, Google Play Store has also given support for APEX packages which are still being developed with Android Q.

Google Play Store, Material Design

Google Play Store 14.5.52 – Material Design Details

The latest update of Google Play Store has brought a complete new design and some new features as well. Google is dedicated to bringing its app design to a new level of simplicity so that users can easily navigate through.

According to 9TO5Google, Google Play Store with the latest update is redesigned according to Google Material Design guidelines, now there is a bottom bar which contains Home, Games, Movies & TV, and Books sections. The font is also changed, most of the design aspects have changed.

Following are screenshots of the new Material Design Google Play Store:

Google Play Store 14.5.52 APK Update Bringing Another Material Redesign 1

With the v14.5.52 update, design is not the only thing that has changed, but something fundamental has been tweaked as well. In efforts of streamlining updates, Google is working on APEX packages and this version of Play Store lays the foundation to support them. We can only assume that Google will use APEX packages to provide quicker system updates.

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