Take Great Photos with Sony Xperia XZ3 – Best Manual Mode Settings

We will explain, in this guide, some of the tips and settings you can use to take great pictures with your Sony Xperia XZ3 in Manual Mode. With one of the best displays around, stereo speakers and a slick design, Sony’s Xperia XZ3 is a stunning smartphone. We will delve into some of the most useful and less obvious features and options here, some of which are standard features that appear on many Android phones and some that are specific to Sony’s flagship. Talking about camera, XZ3 has one of the best camera in the smartphone market. To best use it, the XZ3 also comes equipped with a Manual Mode which lets users setup the phone to get the best shot.

Sony has often been criticized for its smartphone’s design philosophy like big bezels which pack a IPS LCD panel but with XZ3, they introduced OLED display — a technology that has been on smartphones for quite some time now. Generally, Sony smartphone cameras give exceptional results and one of the best thing about the new XZ3’s camera is that it has an ISO of up to 12800 which no other brand smartphone provides. Utilizing this capability, we will explain how to setup your Xperia XZ3 to get the best photos.

Take Great Photos, Sony Xperia XZ3

Now, there are three types of pictures that you can take, Landscapes, Portraits and Macros. We’ll tell you settings for each category which will help you in taking great pictures. Now lets get started with the tutorial of how to get stunning pictures from Sony Xperia XZ3 Camera with manual settings.

How To Take Great Pictures With Sony Xperia XZ3

Here settings which we have found best for each picture style on Xperia XZ3.

1. Settings for Landscape Pictures

Landscapes are always wonderful to look and to capture that landscape is more stunning.

  • ISO: 100 or 200 at max
  • Shutter Speed for Evening Images: 1/60s
  • Shutter Speed for Daylight Images: 1/125s

2. Settings for Portrait Pictures:

For Portrait photos, light conditions play a major role in it.

Portraits in Daylight:

  • ISO: Up to 100
  • Shutter Speed: Up to 1/250s

Portraits in Evening:

  • ISO: Up to 1600
  • Shutter Speed: 1/60s

3. Settings for Macro Photography:

As for macro settings, the main thing that counts is the focus which is pretty easy to use in Xperia XZ3. You can use the same settings as Portrait but focus should be perfect.

Macro Shots in Daylight:

  • ISO: Up to 100
  • Shutter Speed: Up to 1/250s

Macro Shots in Evening:

  • ISO: Up to 1600
  • Shutter Speed: 1/60s

On top of the mentioned three types of photography, there is one more that few people do with smartphones and that is long exposure. Sony allow you to take about 1 second of exposure time.

When you use 1 second of shutter time the image will become more white. This is where ISO comes in. Take the ISO to the lowest level or where you think it’s fit depending on light conditions then capture the image and see the results.

Further, we have attached few shots from Sony Xperia XZ3 to show off whats possible. Happy Snapping!

Sample Photos Taken with Xperia XZ3

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