How to Play ARK Survival Evolved Android Game on PC

How to Play ARK Survival Evolved Android Game on PC 1

This tutorial will show you how to install ARK Survival Evolved on your computer (Windows and Mac). ARK Survival Evolved is mainly based on dinosaurs with a very compelling story. This survival game was originally released to be only run on Android, however, through this guide, you can have it running on your desktop system. Talking more about the game, ARK Survival Evolved is a first-person RPG, survival and adventure game that’s been rather popular since its inception. It also contains a full time online survival which you can play with your friends. Ahead, use the steps to install ARK Survival Evolved directly on your computer — both Windows and Mac.

This MMO game leaves each player stranded on a tropical island which is inhabited by massive dinosaurs. The goal is to build improvised weapons which help to hunt prehistoric beasts for their hides and meat. As you play you level up in RPG-fashion, earning points to increase your stats and unlocking new craftable items. Similar to popular survival titles on consoles, ARK Survival provides a very interactive environment which you can experience directly on your computer with the guide ahead.

Install ARK Survival Evolved on PC, Windows, Mac
How to Play ARK Survival Evolved Android Game on PC 6

ARK Survival Evolved

When you are hunting the ancient beasts, watch out for humans which are hunting you. Join a tribe to avoid that. While you are hunting, they will cover you. There are more than 25 different dinosaurs that you can capture and befriend with. There are many tools that you can easily craft once you have gathered the required resources.

Download ARK Survival Evolved for PC (Windows / Mac)

With our procedure you can run APK Survival Evolved on a full fledged laptop or desktop system. Our tutorial works best with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. As for the Mac side, these emulators support recent OS X and macOS versions.

Explore the beautiful island and hunt massive dinosaurs. Thanks to latest emulators and efficient techniques, you can expect this game to run easily on any recent Windows or Mac machine. Further, if you have a game oriented emulator – the ones we use – you will get maximum performance and frame rates.

Step 1 – Download BlueStacks 3, BlueStacks N or NoxPlayer and install any of these Android emulators on your computer.

Step 2 – Once installed, open BlueStacks (or whichever you installed) and set it up.

Step 3 – You will be required to sign in with your Gmail / Google account so you can download and play apps / games from Google Play Store.

Step 4 – Next, go to the My Apps tab.

Step 5 – Look for the System app folder. Inside it, find and open Google Play Store.

Step 6 – Once inside the Play Store, search for ARK Survive Evolved. There are some region that the game is restricted to. You can download the APK file from the link and just double click it.

Download: ARK Survival Evolved APK File

Step 7 – Download the game just like you do it on your Android phone or tablet.

Step 8 – After installation, ARK Survival Evolved icon will appear in the My Apps section and a shortcut will be added on your desktop.

You can now run the game and follow the on-screen instructions to play and set up the game. The procedure should be similar to how you do it on your phone.

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Drop a comment if you are having any trouble we will be much happy to help.

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    When I click on the apk file I downloaded, the emulator exits the game icon and the tour starts to rotate.

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