Play PUBG Mobile on PC – Download Android Games on Windows / Mac

Here is how you can download and play PUBG Mobile on PC — Windows and Mac computers. After the launch of the original PUBG on PC, it became the one of the best-selling online game played throughout the globe. The mobile gamers waited for a game like this to be developed for phones. There have been several clones in the meanwhile, but experience was not as good as PUBG. You can now play PUBG Mobile on PC, if you are not able to run the game on your Android device.

PUBG Mobile is a last-man-standing shooter with great adventure developed after the feedback by its users. The player starts with nothing but its precious underwear, players must fight to locate weapon supplies and clothes in a battle to be the lone survivor. This realistic, high tension game is set on a massive 8×8 km island with a level of detail that showcases the capabilities of Unreal Engine 4. Since this game is only out for Windows, Mac users have been out of luck. And for that reason alone, we see a lot of Mac users hopping on to Android emulators to play PUBG Mobile.

Download PUBG Mobile on PC

What is PUBG Mobile?

Join the action packed shooter survival game with millions of other players. This game features everything you need for great fun entertainment. Join the game, find supplies and be the lone survivor. This game features following:

  • High-quality graphics and HD audio
  • Realistic weapons
  • Travel in style
  • Team up with friends
  • Fair gaming environment

The best part we loved about the game was that it features a very similar, full-featured map on the mobile game just like the PC version. The one difference we noticed was that it is much easier to find weapons on PUBG Mobile instead of the desktop version. For more, download PUBG Mobile right away and play it on your computer. You will need a supported and compatible Android emulator for this work.

Download PUBG Mobile on PC (Windows and Mac)

Find out how to play PUBG Mobile and run this game on a full fledged computer. Our guide works best with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. For Mac users, the article supports latest macOS iterations along with older OS X versions. Further, we don’t stick to just a single emulator, rather we have a variety of programs that work on giving you the best desktop gaming experience.

PUBG Mobile runs with top tier graphics on Android. Thanks to latest emulators and efficient techniques, you can expect this game to run easily on any recent Windows or Mac machine. Further, if you have a game oriented emulator – the ones we use – you will get maximum performance and frame rates.

UPDATE: You can now run PUBG Mobile in 60 FPS mode which would provide you with a much more smooth gaming experience. Some low-end phones may have problems with 60 FPS, but you can try it now on Android: How to Play PUBG Mobile in 60 FPS Settings.

UPDATE 2: If you run into issues with this game and it crashes on your system, we have a solution to fix it. To find the crash issue and fix the force close error, read: How to Fix “Unfortunately PUBG Mobile has stopped” Error.

How to Download and Play PUBG Mobile on PC

Follow these steps below to download and play PUBG Mobile game on your computer. Remember, the following steps are for both the platforms – Windows and Mac.

Step 1 – Download BlueStacks N or NoxPlayer and install any of these Android emulators on your computer. For alternatives, check out our list of the best Android emulators!

Step 2 – Once installed, open BlueStacks (or whichever you installed) and set it up.

Step 3 – You will be required to sign in with your Gmail / Google account so you can download and play apps / games from Google Play Store.

Step 4 – Next, go to the My Apps tab.

Step 5 – Look for the System app folder. Inside it, find and open Google Play Store.

Step 6 – Once inside the Play Store, search for PUBG Mobile.

Step 7 – Download the game just like you do it on your Android phone or tablet.

Step 8 – After installation, PUBG Mobile icon will appear in the My Apps section and a shortcut will be added on your desktop.

You can now run the game and follow the on-screen instructions to play and set up the game. The procedure should be similar to how you do it on your phone.

For those interested, you can also play other popular Android games on your PC. We have a few recommendations here Asphalt 9: Legends, Gods of Boom, and Call of Duty: Mobile.

If you run into any issues, let us know in the comments below and our team will find a solution and help you run the game properly. Do tell us your experience of playing PUBG Mobile on PC.

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