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You can use this guide to run Android apps and games directly on your PC without an Android device by using BlueStacks. It is no doubt that this mobile Operating Systems have come a long way. So much that for many users out their, Android devices have completely replaced the computer. The user base is quite large and to cater it, there are multiple developers working on apps that not only work to provide better productivity but also better entertainment. Fortunately, you can try fledged apps developed for Android directly on your Windows computer. We will be using BlueStacks, the whole procedure of installation and configuration has been detailed below.

Coming from giving our readers an article on how they can setup Andy on Mac to run Android apps, it was only logical that we serve our Windows readers as well. For the keen enthusiasts out there, they might point out that Android Studio’s emulator works perfectly to emulate apps. Well, with BlueStacks, you have access to all Android rather than a cut down version meant for testing your own apps like in Android Studio’s emulator. With BlueStacks, you have access to Play Store hence you can install all apps available there. Read further to find out how exactly to configure BlueStacks.

Run Android Apps with BlueStacks

Seeing as Windows computers, any modern one, simply outperforms many Android devices, it is plausible that users are searching for a method to play or run hardware intensive apps. BlueStacks unlocks the power present in your PC and combines it with Android OS.

How to Run Android Apps on Windows with BlueStacks

As we mentioned, BlueStacks doesn’t limit you to certain apps rather it allows you to have access to all of them. You can use the Play Store functionality to install desired apps. Not only that, the apps that BlueStacks supports doesn’t end on games but you can install productivity apps as well like Microsoft Office for Android. BlueStacks also has been in development for some while hence multiple bugs have been ironed out to provide a very intuitive experience.

Let’s take a look at how you can install BlueStacks on your Windows computer to run Android apps:

Step 1 – Download BlueStacks for Windows or Download BlueStacks for Mac [Mirror]

Step 2 – Open the downloaded installer. You would be greeted by the following screens.

Run Android Apps on Windows PC | BlueStacks 1
Run Android Apps on Windows PC | BlueStacks 2

Step 3 – Click on Next.

Run Android Apps on Windows PC | BlueStacks 3

Step 4 – Choose the location where you want to install BlueStacks and then click Next.

Run Android Apps on Windows PC | BlueStacks 4

Step 5 – The boxes on the following screen would be filled out automatically. We recommend you keep them filled and click on Install.

Run Android Apps on Windows PC | BlueStacks 5
Run Android Apps on Windows PC | BlueStacks 6

Step 6 – Once the install wizard completes, click on finish. If you have Start BlueStacks checked, it will automatically run the program once Finish is clicked.

Run Android Apps on Windows PC | BlueStacks 7

Step 7 – For the first time, the program would run you through Android’s setup wizard. This would setup your Google account with BlueStacks hence allowing you to access Google services such as Play Store.

Run Android Apps on Windows PC | BlueStacks 8

Step 8 – Once the setup wizard completes, you would be greeted by an Android homescreen. You can manipulate it with either your keyboard or mouse.

Run Android Apps on Windows PC | BlueStacks 9

Step 9 – To install apps, go to the Play Store. As you have already signed in, the Play Store would start showing you all the apps. We will be installing a popular game called Subway Surfers.

Run Android Apps on Windows PC | BlueStacks 10

That’s all you need to do to get Android apps running on your Windows PC! As mentioned already, you have access to all of Play Store which is a big plus. Furthermore, you can also install APK from your computer and even transfer files stored on your PC to BlueStacks in order to use in an app.

If you face any issues, please let us know in the comments and we will address them as soon as possible.

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