How to Display Battery Percentage in Android

This guide will help you display battery percentage at the top of Android devices. Battery is one major issue in almost every Android phone out there in the market. Ofcourse, some new high-end Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or budget phones like Redmi 8 or Huawei Y9S come with big batteries and have relatively better battery timings as compared to others. You might want to check our big guide on battery saving tips on Android phones.

Many of us consider checking our remaining battery with the exact percentage figure instead of the battery icon at the top right available in Android phones. This gives us the exact amount of juice left in our phone before it goes off. You can easily choose to display battery percentage next to the battery icon in Android devices. If you do not know how, you can read up below.

How to Display Battery Percentage in Android

How to Check and Display Battery Percentage

It’s way easier than you think to enable and display battery percentage on Android devices. There was a time when Android did not have this option built into the OS. Some custom skins like Huawei’s EMUI or Samsung’s TouchWiz had the option, but only recently Google decided to add an option for displaying battery percentage.

Follow these steps to display the remaining battery percentage on your device:

Step 1 – Go to Settings > Battery

Step 2 – Enable the option “Battery percentage”

Step 3 – This is it! Your remaining battery percentage will be displayed now at in the status bar — right next to the WiFi and battery icons.

This was easy, right? There is a lot you can change around in Android. And most of these options are hidden deep inside the Developer options or in other settings.

Let us know below in the comments if you are not able to find this option in your Android device.

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