Use Huawei Share to Transfer Files Wirelessly on Windows

Here is how to configure and use Huawei Share to transfer files wirelessly to and from your Huawei phone with your Windows computer. Huawei has made it very easy to access phone’s internal storage over a WiFi network with its proprietary Huawei Share. Using SMB protocol that is built-in into Windows, users can easily copy over files to and from their computer without a USB cable. In this tutorial, we will be highlighting all the steps required to use Huawei Share in order to transfer files wirelessly.

Huawei Share 2.0 is integrated within EMUI. It is found on various Huawei and Honor Android devices such as the Nova series, Mate Series, P Series and more. The main purpose is to simplify the process of accessing files such as photos while also allowing for data to be transferred over from a computer. Further, all this is done without a need for a cable, making it that more convenient. To make use of Huawei Share, read ahead how to configure it on Windows.

Huawei Share, Transfer Files Wirelessly

How to Transfer Files Wirelessly with Huawei Share

Right ahead we have explained how exactly users can setup Huawei Share. Couple of things to note, there is no installation required on Windows computer. More, your Huawei Share device and PC needs to be on the same WiFi network. Make sure of these things and then follow the steps ahead:

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Step 1 – From the Windows computer where you want to access or transfer files from, open up Control Panel then got Programs and Features and then select Turn Windows Features On and Off.

Step 2 – From here, scroll down till you see SMB 1.0, enable all.

Use Huawei Share to Transfer Files Wirelessly on Windows 2

Step 3 – It will now ask to restart your computer to apply changes so click on yes.

Step 4 – Once your computer reboots, make sure you connect it to the same WiFi network as your phone.

Step 5 – Now, on your phone, go to Settings > More Connections > Huawei Share.

Step 6 – Enable Huawei Share and then enable Computer Share.

Step 7 – Once computer share is enabled, go back to your computer and then go to File Explorer. From there, click on Network.

Step 8 – Your Huawei phone should now show up in the list of devices. Select your phone.

Use Huawei Share to Transfer Files Wirelessly on Windows 6

Step 9 – It would ask for credentials, to find those, on your phone, in the Huawei Share menu, there will be an option for Verification settings. Select that.

Step 10 – You can view the existing verification details or set your own for security.

Use Huawei Share to Transfer Files Wirelessly on Windows 7

Step 11 – Enter the credentials on your PC.

Use Huawei Share to Transfer Files Wirelessly on Windows 8

Step 12 – Select your phone, it should now let you browse your device’s internal storage as well as well as Gallery.

Use Huawei Share to Transfer Files Wirelessly on Windows 9

There you have it! You should now be able to transfer files wirelessly from your computer to your Huawei Share compliant device. For any problems or queries, you can reach us in the comments below.

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