Update Huawei Honor U8860 to Android 4.0.3 ICS Official Firmware

Huawei Honor U8860 has finally received the official Android 4.0.3 ICS software update that users have been waiting for a long time. No announcements has been made if Huawei will be releasing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Honor U8890. Android 4.0.3 ICS on Huawei U8860 can be installed using the tutorial given below.

As you continue reading below, we will guide you through the entire process of how to install Android 4.0.3 ICS on Huawei Honor U8860 stock firmware. This firmware will be installed in Russian language, but language can be changed to English after installation. We have covered all the steps and download files you need in the tutorial below. Please make sure you backup all your apps.

Update Huawei Honor U8860 to Android 4.0.3 ICS Official Firmware 1

Disclaimer: All the tools, mods or ROMs mentioned below belong to their respective owners/developers. We (TeamAndroid.com) or the developers are not to be held responsible if you damage or brick your device. We don’t have you on gun point to try out this tutorial 😉

Make sure you have installed all your USB drivers for the Huawei Honor U8860 to connect it with the computer. Download Huawei Honor U8860 USB drivers! Apart from just the USB drivers, there are a few more things that you need to take care of.

1. You need to enable USB debugging mode. This helps to connect your Android phone with the PC. See here: How to Enable USB Debugging.

2. Your phone battery should be 80-85% charged. If your phone goes off suddenly because of battery, during flashing ROMs or installing mods and updates — your phone might go dead permanently. See here: How to Check Battery Percentage.

3. Backup all your important data that you might need as soon as your flash a new ROM, or make a backup for just in case, you never know when anything might go wrong. See below on how to backup data:

Data can also be backed up using Samsung KIES for their devices, but if you backup data manually, you get more options what top choose from and it is very easy to move data across Android devices from different manufacturers, i.e moving Samsung Galaxy Note backup data to HTC One X.

4. Your phone should be factory unlocked. Additional instructions for locked Android devices will be added in the tutorial for unlocking devices.

Now, let’s proceed with the tutorial below and update Huawei Honor U8860 to Android 4.0.3 B923.

HOW TO: Install B923 Android 4.0.3 ICS on Huawei Honor U8860

We have put together a detailed step-by-step instructions guide on how to install official update Android 4.0.3 on Huawei U8860. If you are used tostock firmwares manually on your Huawei Honor, then this should not be any different for you.

Make sure you read the entire tutorial once before actually performing it on your Huawei Android phone.

To Remember:

  • This tutorial is only for installing Android 4.0.3 official firmware on Huawei Honor U8860. Please do not try on any other Huawei Honor variants.
  • Make sure you backup all your data in your phone before proceeding.

Complete Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1 – Download Android 4.0.3 ICS for Huawei U8860 (not available anymore) to your computer and extract it anywhere.

Step 2 – Connect and mount your Huawei Honor USB memory on your computer using the USB cable.

Step 3 – Now copy/paste the UPDATE.APP and UPDATE_CUST.APP (ignore this file if not available) from the extracted firmware file to your SD card, like this: /mnt/sdcard/dload/UPDATE.APP. Create ‘dload’ directory if needed.

Step 4 – Then turn off your phone and disconnect from the USB cable.

Step 5 – Now take out the battery and insert again for a full reboot. Do not turn on the phone in this step.

Step 6 – Now to get in the firmware installation mode. Switch on the phone while pressing and holding Volume Up + Volume Down + Power buttons together.

Step 7 – If everything went well, Android 4.0.3 ICS installation should begin now.

That’s it! Your Huawei Honor U8860 is now upgraded to Android 4.0.3 ICS official stock firmware! Go to Settings > About phone to verify.

If you run into any problems, feel free to drop us a comment below and we will reply you back ASAP with the fix or the solution to your problem.

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Haris Nadeem

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  1. hi i downloaded dload.zip.when i extracted that,it is file corrupt.please tell me what can i do.i already downloaded that file 100%

  2. Bonjour, je dispose d’un Huawei Honor en version française. J’ai migré vers Android 4.0.3 tout simplement en répondant positivement à une proposition de mise à niveau de ce dernier.
    Apparemment tout s’est bien passé ; après reconfiguration nécessaire des paramètre, tout fonctionne comme avant.
    Remarque : l’outil de suivi des consommation de 3G et WIFI est moins pratique que dans la version 3 et je n’ai pas retrouvé l’outil “gestion des tâches”

    • Will this update supported multi languages? I need the Dutch language for my daughter. Or is this version only the Chinese/english language?

  3. Bonjour, j’ai actualisé mon Huawei Honor d’android 3 français vers 4.0.3 française en répondant positivement à une proposition affichée sur le téléphon (près de 380Mo et 45mn)
    Une fois fait et après reconfiguration des paramètres perso, tout fonctionne comme avant avec une présentation un peu différente.
    Remarque: le compteur de consommation 3G et Wifi est moins pratique qu’avant et je n’ai pas retrouvé le “gestionnaire de tâches”

  4. Huawei Honor : depuis migration vers Android 4.0.3 les applications suivantes ne fonctionnent plus,
    Рd̩tecteur de pr̩sence (aussi disparu des param̬tres)
    – photos : commande ajustement du nombre de pixels
    – Google Earth : vue 360 avec compat et inclinaison carte
    avez-vous une solution ?

  5. i have u8860 i update the device running very good but give aproblem the video recording is not working when i open the camera and click the record button it not work help me please

  6. Thank your very much for this useful article and your shared file. This update works out perfectly:), and it just solved the problem that had been holding me up for days.

    Mine is a u8860 Chinese mobile. At first my system version was 2.3.6, on which software like google play store is not installed, and cannot even be installed and run correctly manually. Moreover, the Chinese version system cannot be updated to other version released on the Huawei official site. It took me many hours searching for solutions, and at last I found a package which can update the system to 4.0.3(Chinese) via “recovery” tool. However, the stupid Chinese version cannot get full access to the popular softwares around the world, and google play still doesn’t work.

    This version that you put here seems to be working out just fine. I feel so lucky to have read this site.

  7. Hello and thank you for an excellent guide! I would like to know if there’s a way to get more languages? As of now, this update have only the most used languages like english, spanish, italian, french, chinese. I would like norwegian since I’m from Norway. What do you think? Thanks!

  8. hi , i download & install this firmware.all future is good . But i have a problem. wifi is not connected.why?. please . reply me.
    thank you very much.

  9. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the update it works really fine.
    1 question form my side, can i remove the files from the sd card after the update?
    before the update i had 3 different storage lines in the hi suite, internal, internal sd and external sd. Afterwards i only have the internal sd(where the dload files are still on) and the external SD. the files are 600mb of storage now on the internal sd card and i was wondering if i can just delete these files.

    Thanks a million!

  10. Hi There,

    Good Day!!!

    Im from Philippines, is MIUI ICS supported our TELCOS here? Is this stable? Do you have any videos to watch before i change my ROM?


  11. how can i search huawei c8800 firmware upgrade. please tell me. i found the huawei c8800 rom2.3.6.but it is not compatible.Help me please

  12. I did everything that is on the blog and the result has been that it does not recognize local operators and the only one that recognizes only what I can use on 2G or 3G because it allows much less 4G.
    I need help urgently to solve the problem

  13. you are liars and that because of you I have damaged my phone. not serious or responsible should close this website and not continue cheating and scamming innocent people

  14. […] All I simply want is to have ICS android system in this device, so I also found this guide: Update Huawei Honor U8860 to Android 4.0.3 ICS Official Firmware [How To] | Team Android Is this guide good for me in order to upgrade GB 2.3 to ICS 4.0.3? As far as I know, ICS has […]

  15. Heyy,when I was down south for the summer my boyfriend gave me his huawei honor phone from Germany. He reset it and gave it to me. It worked perfectly fine. Then I moved back to new york and my phone got updated to the 4.0.3 also known as the ice cream sandwich firmware.Ever since then I can’t connect to the internet unless I have Wi-Fi. It says I need go check my data connection. I don’t understand what went wrong someone please help me.

    • this might be due to network lock, here in my country i have U8860 locked so when i did try other sim, it asked for unlock code i ignored it, then still it works but xcluding the features of SIM

  16. Hello, updated my 8860 with 4.03 ICS -everything works fine apart from a massive battery-drainage. Some googling shows that this a known problem with this version. Is there a fix for this annoying behavior ?

  17. Hi! I updated my Honor to ICS using the Norwegian version in Huawei site it updated fine but the problem is my FM Radio was gone. Any workaround on this? I also tried the other version Finland, and it also has the same issue.

  18. yes i am having the same problem
    i downloaded the file completely but cannot extract it as it said it was corrupt!
    i use google chrome, is there anything wrong with the file or the browser?

  19. I got a message on the phone and the update worked. But I’m experiencing a massive change in battery capacity. The battery is drained really fast. If this is how 4.0.3 works, it’s absolutely ridiculous.

  20. sd_update.log – Failure: OSBL°ж±ѕЖҐЕдК§°Ь.
    dload_sd_ram_data_proc->(retry >= DLOAD_RETRY) failed!
    Failure: OSBL°ж±ѕЖҐЕдК§°Ь.
    dload_sd_ram_data_proc->(retry >= DLOAD_RETRY) failed!

    1 step unpacking- ok, but
    2 step update faild

    • You’d ask your mobile data service provider information of how to set up a new APN to acces to the data network, thats what I did and everythig is working.

  21. i have done it and it works thanks ,, but i feel its too slow i am facing problems with the speed as its 512 ram and the running apps are huge and some apps games are not working and it getting hanged lots is there any solves for this problems as i tried lots to get the perviouse andoroid ???? upppp

  22. Hi, everything works perfectly but I can’t connect to 3G, it only connects to 2G networks even after choosing WCDMA only in the secret menu.

    Heeelllpp!!!! thnx!!

    • I had the same problem, after calling my mobile company’s tech support I could configure the data plan but could never get 3G conectivity so I took it to repair and the technician said there was a problem with the mainboard. I’m not sure if the update damaged it but I think it did.

  23. hello I did not understand a part I have to put the file on the phone and then turn it off almost no entieno I may be explained more or less a little better if you please

  24. Hi there, thanx for the info. I got my U8860 without google play apps and downloading has failed. The browser also ends up in UC Browser chinese. Will upgrading Android come with Google apps?Help

  25. Hi there, thanx for the info. I got my U8860 without google play apps and downloading has failed. The browser also ends up in UC Browser chinese. Will upgrading Android come with Google apps?Help

  26. Thanks! I have successfully upgraded mine to ICS. The only issue I have is, it has Yandex.search process that’s automatically loaded each time you boot reset the phone. So annoying….

  27. I did it and the only prob I have is with connectivity it looses signal very easily, and no more 3g…. and if i wanna activate wifi i need to restart the system always….

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