How to Unlock Purifier H2O in COD Mobile – Days of Summer Rewards

COD Mobile is holding its Days of Summer rewards event that lets users unlock Purifier H2O alongside Barrier Reef skin for SMRS as well as Water Festival skin for Frag Grenade. To unlock all of these skins, we have compiled an easy to follow, step-by-step guide ahead that lists all the task requirements. Being a limited time event, we recommend that you go through the process immediately in order to unlock Purifier H2O, SMRS Barrier Reef and Frag Grenade Water Festival.

COD Mobile holds various events that span three categories: Featured, Monthly and Daily. The latest featured event is called Days of Summer and through it, gamers will get access to Purifier H2O, SMRS Barrier Reef and Frag Grenade Water Festival. To unlock, there is a task list that you need to complete and in this guide, we will explain how to complete the list quickly and efficiently.

COD Mobile Purifier H2O

COD Mobile Days of Summer Rewards

With COD Mobile Days of Summer, there are various beach / water inspired skins avaible for various weapons. The top level reward is H2O Purifier. Further, the event started from 29th July and will go till 7th August hence, hurry up if you want to get all the limited edition rewards.

Rewards List

  • 200 Credits (Requires 30XP)
  • SMRS Barrier Reef (Requires 40XP)
  • Frag Grenade Water Festival (Requires 60XP)
  • Purifier H2O (Requires 90XP)

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The rewards from Days of Summer are unique and wont be available as purchases afterwards.

How to Get H2O Purifier and other Days of Summer Rewards

After discussing what’s available, here is how to get all the unlocks, quickly. You can complete these tasks in any order:

Task 1 – Play 10 Juggernaut matches and kill 30 enemies (23 xp).

Task 2 – Play 3 Gunfight matches (10xp).

Task 3 – Select Highrise map in MP-Featured and kill 15 enemies (8xp).

Task 4 – Send 5XP cards (5xp).

Task 5 – Play 5 Kill confirmed matches (8xp).

After completing all this, you would have earned 54xp. Further, since these tasks will require 60 minutes at least so you would have stayed online for that time hence earning 38xp more.

So, in total, you would have earned 92xp which will make you eligible for Purifier H2O and all the other rewards!

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