How to Unlock Hacker Class in Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Mode

COD Mobile is finally adding the new Hacker Class in Battle Royale mode with latest The Hunt season update. Unique to hacker, gamers can now block enemy radar along with any enemy gadgets. This class will not only add another dimension to the over Battle Royale gameplay in COD Mobile but will also play as an exciting addition for gamers to master. Read ahead on how to unlock and effectively utilize it.

BR mode in COD Mobile is one of its most played game modes. With a growing number of gamers tuning in to play CODM Battle Royale, it was only logical that COD Mobile developers add in more content and dimensions. Among other changes and new additions, COD Mobile’s latest season: The Hunt, adds new Hacker class to BR mode which you can learn to unlock from ahead.

Unlock Hacker Class, COD Mobile Battle Royale

COD Mobile Hacker Class in Battle Royale Mode

The Hacker class is aimed to block out enemy maps and their gadgets while making sure your own systems are available. There are two key abilities with the Hacker: Ice Pick and Hard Wired.

How to Unlock Hacker Class in Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Mode 2

Hacker Ice Pick Ability

Through Ice Pick, players can disable the mini-maps of nearby enemies along with disabling the use of their own class abilities. For instance, if gamers encounter a enemy medic, Ice Pick can blind their maps and disable them from deploying Medical Station. More, if there is a Poltergeist nearby, they can’t use their Active Camo.

Hacker Hard Wired Ability

Next, there is Hard Wired. This basically guarantees that the Hacker’s own maps and radars wont be interfered with even by other Hackers. Being a passive ability, you don’t really need to activate it as it is there at all times.

How to Unlock Hacker Class

Now, to unlock Hacker class in COD Mobile BR mode, you need to go through and complete a task list. Starting from October 1st, this task list will be available to all CODM gamers.

How to Unlock Hacker Class in Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Mode 3
  • Go to the Event Tab
  • Click on Featured
  • View the tasks to unlock Hacker

Tips to Effectively use Hacker in BR Mode

Here are some additional tips that you can follow to make the best out of Hacker class.

  • With Hacker’s Ice Pick, you can see the exact number of enemies that are nearby and are effected by your hack. This will confirm your suspicion of nearby enemies.
  • There are various new areas added in The Hunt update. Using the hacker class you can easily explore Outpost, Dormitory and Radar Base while utilizing Hacker’s Ice Pick and disabling gadgets as well as enemy mini-maps.
  • Ice Pick has its own range and duration. To increase it, you can go to a chip upgrade terminal and enhance the power. Larger areas will then be covered for 30 seconds in one go.
  • Using Ice Pick defensively, you can activate it when you fear there are too many enemies nearby and you want to escape. Disabled mini-map while having yours available will be the perfect defense.
  • Since Hard Wired keeps you off from enemies radars, you can use it to quickly enter an area and set up the perfect attack without triggering enemy alarms.

This was a detailed look at the new Hacker class, how to unlock it and some tips on effectively using it. Make sure to subscribe to our site for more COD Mobile coverage, tips and news!

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