How to Unlock Bootloader on Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 Plus / S20 Ultra

Here is how to unlock Galaxy S20 bootloader in order to prepare it for further mods such as root. Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra all come with their bootloaders locked right out of the factory. This is done to avoid any problems for users that would not be experimenting with their phone’s software. However, the brand also caters to its enthusiast user-base which is why it includes a built-in method to unlock Galaxy S20 bootloader. Find out how to do it on your phone with the tutorial ahead.

Unlocking a phone’s bootloader basically grants you the ability to write system partitions. Since a custom ROM, custom recovery or any other system mod relies on changing the pre-installed system, bootloader unlock becomes a fundamental requirement. Fortunately, Samsung provides a very straight forward bootloader unlock process for the Galaxy S20 series that doesn’t require any extra utilities.

Unlock Galaxy S20 Bootloader

How to Unlock Galaxy S20 Bootloader

Samsung has recently modified the bootloader unlock process on its modern phones. Now, users are required to simply boot into download mode to initiate the unlock. Further, during the unlock process, the phone will automatically wipe existing user data.

Before we start with the actual process, there are few key points that each owner should know before unlocking Galaxy S20 bootloader:

To Remember:

  • This unlocking bootloader tutorial is only for Galaxy S20 / Galaxy S20 Plus / Galaxy S20 Ultra. Please don’t try this on any other variants.
  • Make sure you backup all your data in your phone before proceeding as it will erase all data.
  • You will void your warranty by unlocking the bootloader and also trip Samsung KNOX.

Configure USB Drivers

Despite requiring no specific utilities on a computer, users still need to connect a USB cable to their phones to enter into download mode. For this step, we recommend configuring Galaxy S20 drivers on your computer for proper recognition.

We have already covered a detailed download and install guide for USB drivers on Galaxy S20 series right here: Download Galaxy S20 USB Drivers.

Bootloader Unlock on Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra

Now that you have made sure that your computer is configured with proper USB drivers, here is the complete unlock process:

Step 1 – With your phone turned on, make sure you are connected to the internet. Check for any updates and, if available, install them.

Step 2 – After checking and installing, proceed towards the Settings app.

Step 3 – Browse until you see About Phone. Tap it and then from the resulting page, tap Software Information. Finally, continuously tap Build Number row until it says Developer Mode has been enabled.

Step 4 – Go back to the main Settings page and now scroll down till you see Developer Options. From these, browse and enable OEM unlocking.

Step 5 – Power off your phone. After it completely shuts off, hold Volume Up and Volume Down while connecting a USB Type-C cable that is connected to a PC to enter Download Mode.

Step 6 – Right when you enter the download mode, your Galaxy S20 will display a splash screen. From this menu, keep holding Volume Up.

Step 7 – Now, the phone will ask for bootloader unlock confirmation. Confirm by pressing the volume up button.

Step 8 – The phone will now unlock the bootloader and wipe all user data. Once it is done, it will reboot automatically.

This should complete the bootloader unlock process! Your Galaxy S20 can now be flashed with custom utilities such as TWRP and root. More, once the phone boots, you will be greeted with the initial setup wizard just as when you took the phone out of the box.

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