How to Unbrick OnePlus 6 with Msm Download Tool

Here are steps that you can follow to unbrick OnePlus 6. In Android terms, brick happens when you are unable to boot up your smartphone into Android making your device essentially a literal brick or paper-weight. To address this issue, you can try and use our steps ahead. Although, it is to be noted, that hardware problems can not be fixed with this guide. Nonetheless, if you are having troubles with your OnePlus 6 such as stuck in bootloop, do implement steps ahead.

OnePlus 6 gives an excellent performer among Android smartphones. However, it is prone to problems just like any other. The brick issue occurs when you install a custom ROM which is not stable and features are not working properly. Faulty code can lead to multiple different software issues. The only way to revert is to flash stock firmware. If you have bricked your device, we have provided a complete guide which will help you to get your phone repaired. Keep reading to find tutorial on how to unbrick your OnePlus 6.

How to Unbrick OnePlus 6

There are two type of faults. The first one is soft brick in which the phone always end up in a loop on boot screen and it won’t enter the system. The second is the worse kind, the hard brick. In hard brick you wont be able to reach the boot screen neither you can access the recovery mode. The only this is accessible is the fastboot mode. To tackle this situation, we have written a complete step by step process.

How to Unbrick OnePlus 6

In order to unbrick your OnePlus 6, you will be needing some software installed on your computer which also includes the official OnePlus 6 unbrick tool.


You need the following things before starting the process:

After done with the following prequisites, go with the process below

Step 1 – First confirm that your OnePlus 6 is brick by powering off your phone by holding the power button for few seconds.

Step 2 – Then connect the data cable to your device. While keep holding the volume up button connect the cable with your computer

Step 3 – Open the device manager of your system. Search it in the start menu or use Windows Key + R and type devmgmt.msc in dialogue box.

Step 4 – In the device manager look for your connected device will showing as Unknown Device or QHUSB_BULK. Use the right click on and select Update device software then use manual installation by choosing the driver folder.

How to Unbrick OnePlus 6 with Msm Download Tool 1

Step 5 – The the installation of driver, you device will be shown as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 in the device manager.

Step 6 – Now extract the OnePlus 6 Unbrick Tool and run MSM download tool as an administrator. In the MSM tool your device will be listed as ComÉè±,

How to Unbrick OnePlus 6 with Msm Download Tool 2

Step 7 – On the tool’s interface, you will find Start button on the top left corner. Click on it to start the process. You have to wait till the status of your device shows Green colour.

Step 8 – Disconnect your phone from PC then turn it on.

Congratulations! You should now have a fully functioning device. Drop a comment if you have any questions.

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  1. Hello, when i’m click on START button, it’s all ok but after 10s all is freeze (not windows freeze) and in status of connection -> N/A
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