Top London 2012 Olympics Android Apps

London 2012 Olympics has just kicked off where the countries of the world will compete against each other in various sports activities. Not all of us actually get time to sit in front of the TV all day and catch the games live. What we do is try to check for the scores later whenever we get time.

Let us bring to you a list of the best Android apps to follow London 2012 Olympics updates throughout till 12th August. For all the sports fans, these apps will keep you updated with what is happening around at the London Olympics ground and latest scores from all the games.

Top London 2012 Olympics Android Apps

Here is a list of the best London 2012 Olympics apps available for Android phones at the Google Play Store. Let us know if you find these apps useful.

London 2012 Results App

Top London 2012 Olympics Android Apps 1

The Official London 2012 Results app provides all the latest news, schedules and results, allowing users to keep up-to-date with the latest action LIVE across all Olympic sports (25 July to 12 August 2012) and Paralympic sports (29 August to 9 September 2012).

Key features include results, live updates, calendar schedule, details of sports, medal tables and athlete profiles. Users can also follow specific countries, and receive official news and updates tailored to them all in one app.

Download London 2012 Results App from Google Play Store.

2012 Olympic Schedule

Top London 2012 Olympics Android Apps 2

Get the latest schedules for 2012 London Olympics. All schedules and matches are given by the calendar dates and sorted.


  • Provide all of London Olympic Games Schedule
  • Update latest matches online for timely updates
  • Auto display the latest schedule events

Download 2012 Olympic Schedule from Google Play Store.

London 2012

Top London 2012 Olympics Android Apps 3

This app provides detailed information about Olympic 2012. They have collected lots of data and tried to present it in simplest possible way. It is loaded with features like schedule, sports played, countries participating, venues, daily updates, news, reminders and much more.

Features and highlights:

  • Detailed information about Olympic 2012.
  • Medal tally updates along with countdown ticker. Touch on the country to find out participation details.
  • Detailed schedule based of selected sport.
  • Information about Olympic venues. Long press on venue picture to find out details about sports being played on that venue.
  • Latest news about Olympic 2012.
  • Easy access to fixtures details based on date selected.
  • Set reminder for favorite Olympic event.

Download London 2012 from Google Play Store.

London 2012 Calendar Free

Top London 2012 Olympics Android Apps 4

An Olympic Calendar initially for London 2012 and then 2014 and on to 2016. It includes all the events, chronologically listed. The Olympics are coming to London! They can be viewed in a complete list from the first event through to the very last one. They may also be listed by games/sports.

Download London 2012 Calendar Free from Google Play Store.

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