Samsung Galaxy S III Sense 4.0 Port from HTC one X

Samsung Galaxy S III is soon getting the HTC One X port of HTC Sense 4.0 ROM. Galaxy S3 Sense 4.0 ROM will be available soon for download and use as the developer cleans out the bugs and make it stable to be easily used.

At the moment, the Sense 4.0 port to Galaxy S3 barely works with just a features. The dev has even posted a quick video demo of Galaxy S III Sense 4.0 ROM. This custom firmware is part of the Sense 4 All project by QuBe2 who wants to bring Sense 4.0 UI to a number of Android phones by Samsung. We have already posted about how to install Sense 4.0 on Nexus S.

Samsung Galaxy S III Sense 4.0 Port from HTC one X 1

Currently, the Galaxy S3 Sense 4.0 ROM has the following features working and not working.

What Works

  • Boots (ORLY?!!)
  • Rosie (Need resizing)
  • Touchscreen/EGL
  • Sensors (Not sure anymore, but I’ll provide lib if not)
  • Calls
  • 3G

What Doesn’t work:

  • Sound
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Widgets (Need proper Rosie)
  • Random SoftReboots (Device will Hang, and soft reboot)
  • SD Card => MAIN ISSUE

You can also watch the video demo below where it is shown, the Galaxy S3 Sense 4.0 ROM:

YouTube video

If you have any questions, feel free to post below.

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