Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Model Numbers and Variants

Here are all the various Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Model Numbers and Variants listed for easy reference. Samsung’s latest Note flagship announcement came just few days back. With the device shipping to customers at the end of August 2018, here is the perfect guide to see which variants are being sold and in which region. You can now buy Galaxy Note 9 in the US. Despite majority of specifications remaining similar, there are still certain key differences which make each Note 9 variant distinct from the other. For starters, few regions will be getting Snapdragon 845 powered Galaxy Note 9 whereas the rest will receive Exynos 9810 chipset. Right ahead, you can see the complete list of Galaxy Note 9 model numbers to make your purchasing decision easier.

Samsung has a single international variant for each device that is sold in all regions on top of their specific iterations. Rather than sticking to this single model, difference in country laws, telecommunication network setup and demand forces Samsung to manufacture multiple variants. And as we said before, the majority of new Note 9 features such as the large 6.4 inch Infinity display, 4,000 mAh battery and the stunning design will remain present in each version. Find below, all Galaxy Note 9 model numbers and variants in a single list.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Model Numbers

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is quite the step up from Note 8. Samsung, recovering from a major setback it faced with Note 7, has now finally found new courage which is evident through this latest Note smartphone. New Note 9 arguably features the most updated S-Pen yet, it also has the highest capacity battery found on a Note smartphone and same goes for the display. All in all, Galaxy Note 9 is definitely the premiere Android flagship that customers can purchase right now.

Through the ahead given Galaxy Note 9 model numbers list, find and compare all different Galaxy Note 9 variants.

UPDATE: Here are official Samsung Galaxy S10 model numbers (also for Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10e) and its country variants.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Model Numbers and Country Variants

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As we discussed previously, owing to different market structures and customer needs, Samsung manufacturers multiple different Galaxy Note 9 variants. While most of these models remain specific to a single region and can only be purchased from there, international Galaxy Note 9 model is available throughout the globe. Also, despite different chipsets, — one being Snapdragon and other being Samsung’s Exynos 9810 — the performance should remain quite identical.

Would you be upgrading from a older Note smartphone or this would be your first Samsung Note flagship? Do let us know about your thoughts in the comments section right ahead.

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