Root Huawei P20 Pro on Android 8.1 Oreo / EMUI 8.1 Firmware

With this guide, you can root Huawei P20 Pro running Android 8.1 Oreo official firmware. Huawei recently announced its flagship smartphone series, the P20 lineup and within that lineup, comes the brand’s most highly spec-ed smartphone — P20 Pro. At the time of writing, the smartphone hasn’t yet started shipping to users but that hasn’t stopped developers like LastStandingDroid to release root for the phone. The newly announced root method comes in the form of a patched boot image that is equipped with Magisk. The developer has reported that this boot image has been tested on a demo unit P20 Pro and should work on public units as well. For our guide, it is necessary that you have already unlocked the P20 Pro bootloader.

As the device ships with Android 8.1 Oreo, getting root to work so early on is commendable especially when taken into account that there is no TWRP custom recovery available. As there is no TWRP image, the procedure requires you to flash a patched boot image which is already fitted with Magisk and hence, allows you to gain root access. Right before we head on to the procedure, it is essential that you backup your data.

Root Huawei P20 Pro

Disclaimer: All the custom ROMs and firmwares, official software updates, tools, mods or anything mentioned in the tutorial belong to their respective owners/developers. We ( or the developers are not to be held responsible if you damage or brick your device. We don’t have you on gun point to try out this tutorial 😉

Root Huawei P20 Pro – Magisk Details:

The underlying root utility is Magisk for this rooting procedure. However, unlike the traditional TWRP flash process, you would be required to flash a modified boot image that has Magisk implemented within it.

Once installed, you would be able to enjoy full root access. Further, as it is a Magisk based root, you would be able to install Magisk Modules as well.

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Huawei P20 Pro USB Drivers

You will need to connect your Android phone with the computer. For that, please make sure you have installed the USB drivers for properly. If not, you can download the latest Huawei official drivers from our Android USB Drivers section here:

Download Huawei P20 Pro USB drivers!

All set and ready? Good. You can now continue reading below and root Huawei P20 Pro running Android 8.1 Oreo.

How to Root Huawei P20 Pro with Magisk Boot Image

We have put together a detailed step-by-step instructions guide on how to root Huawei P20 Pro with Magisk patched boot image. Please read every line carefully below. We suggest that you should read the tutorial once before actually performing it on your phone.

To Remember:

  • This root method tutorial is only for Huawei P20 Pro. Please don’t try this on any other phone.
  • Make sure you backup all your data in your phone before proceeding.
  • This will void your warranty.
  • Bootloader should be unlocked. How? Read: How to Unlock Bootloader on Huawei P20 Pro.

If you have fulfilled all the requirements above, then proceed to the actual tutorial.

Complete Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1.1 – Download Android SDK from the Android Developers website and install. Also set it up with downloading platform-tools and USB drivers package in SDK. See: How to Set up ADB and Fastboot on Windows.


Step 1.2 – Download ADB / Fastboot – Android SDK Platform Tools separate package and install on your computer. Download from the following links depending on your OS and extract it anywhere in your computer.

Step 2 – Enable USB Debugging mode in your Huawei P20 Pro.

Step 3 – Download patched boot image (CLT-L29-MAGISK.img) for Huawei P20 Pro and save it into the same directory as the extracted Fastboot/ADB package files.

Step 4 – Turn off your P20 Pro.

Step 5 – Connect your P20 Pro to your computer using a USB cable.

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