Robot Bird: Most Simple Twitter App for Android 4.0 Phones

Robot Bird - Twitter for ICS

Do you use Twitter just for checking your timeline for new updates and your mentions? Then Robot Bird is the perfect Twitter app for you.

Robot Bird is a very beautiful, simple and fast Twitter app for Android (Ice Cream Sandwich) with hardly any features that are needed in a full Twitter client, but does the job pretty well if you just want your timeline and mentions.

Robot Bird - Twitter for ICS

The app, as described by the developer, is “the best stripped down Twitter client”. It has a very simple and beautiful UI with very smooth scrolling while reading tweets and between the Timeline and Mentions columns. Robot Bird is specially designed for Android phones with ICS.

Coming to the features of Robot Bird, there is nothing much to explain. It’s just si simple. The app does not lots and lots of features, but it seems the developer just wants to keep it just the way it is, simple. Oh, you can view photos in-line in the stream (or mentions). You can compose a new tweet by tapping the small icon at the top right of the screen. A text box will roll down the timeline interface for you to type your tweet and send.

Robot Bird - Twitter for ICS

There are no type of notifications either in Robot Bird, but we do home the developer adds them soon. Not to forget, the app does not even have any ‘refresh’ button, because you don’t need it at all. Robot Bird uses streaming API of Twitter, one of the best implementations without any bugs.

Download Robot Bird – Twitter for ICS

You can download this small, beautiful Twitter app from here: Download Robot Bird.

UPDATE: This app no longer works. You can download the official Twitter for Android app for the best experience!

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