Oppo Launches F11 Pro, F11 and F11 Pro Avengers Edition in Pakistan

At the grand Mohatta Palace in Karachi on April 16th, Oppo Pakistan launched its new F11 series phones. Latest lineup included: F11 Pro, F11 and a special Avengers Edition F11 Pro as well. The focus Oppo had with these phones was to provide a great Android experience coupled with good hardware. Oppo’s F11 Pro carries a rising front camera which grants the phone a notch-free, minimal bezel display. As for Oppo F11, it carries similar design and slightly lower spec-ed hardware, allowing it to be available at a cheaper price point.

Apart from the rising camera which has been rigorously tested by Oppo to last over 200,000 times of opening and closing, the F11 Pro has a lot going for it. The phone features Oppo’s VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 technology, 48MP high-dynamic range primary camera and also runs ColorOS 6 which is based on Android Pie. While the F11 Pro fits in nicely within the mid-rang category and offers latest technology, Oppo’s standard F11 is a good option for buyers looking at a budget-class phone. F11 carries same 48MP camera sensor on the back, also runs ColorOS 6 but loses on the rising front camera.

Oppo F11, F11 Pro

OPPO Raises the Bar in Low Light photography, Launches OPPO F11 Series in Pakistan

OPPO F11 Series is the perfect amalgamation of innovative technology and stunning features

Built with 48 MP dual rear camera, the F11 Series will be starting from PKR 39,999

Karachi —— OPPO, a leading global smartphone brand, expanded its F series portfolio of smartphones today at Mohatta Palace in Karachi with the launch of OPPO F11 Series. The smartphone boasts of portrait photography in low light with several other innovative technologies. F11 Pro is equipped with a new 48MP ultra-clear camera system, a rising camera, and a panoramic screen, providing customers with an easy to use and flawless user experience. 

The grand launch event that took place in Mohatta Palace was a breath taking view, with a mesmerizing light show and low light décor. It featured an exhibition of pictures shot on OPPO F11 Pro by known photographers Ashna Khan, Rehan Qazi and Seemab Saqib. There was also a concert by Uzair Jaswal and celebrities in attendance at the event included Iqra Aziz and Nabeel Zuberi. The event was also attended by different lifestyle and tech bloggers, nationwide media and OPPO Partners.

Oppo Launches F11 Pro, F11 and F11 Pro Avengers Edition in Pakistan 2
Hardware SpecsOppo F11 Pro
Camera: 48+5MP Dual Rear camera and 16MP Rising camera
Screen: 6.5” Panoramic Screen|90.9% screen ratio
ColourAvailable in Thunder Black and Aurora Green
Charging:VOOC Flash Charge 3.0
Storage: 6GB RAM+64GB ROM
Operating System:Color OS 6.0 (Android 9 Pie)

Market Availability Information

For the OPPO F11, the 4GB+64GB version will be priced at PKR 39,999 For the OPPO F11 Pro, the 6GB+128GB version will be priced at PKR 54,999.

The F11 will be available for purchase at 27th-Apr-2019. The F11 Pro will be available for purchase at 20th-Apr-2019.

At OPPO, we have always aimed at bringing a seamless smartphone experience to our consumers by offering the best in class technology and a differentiated design at the best value. Crafted with perfection, the natural gradient design of OPPO F11 Pro adopts a design philosophy of minimalism putting attention on its aesthetics and details. The OPPO F series has been one of the most highly acclaimed product portfolios in Pakistan, and we are hopeful that OPPO F11 Pro will take forward its legacy of innovation into the future.

Ali Kakvi, Marketing Director, OPPO Pakistan added,
Oppo Launches F11 Pro, F11 and F11 Pro Avengers Edition in Pakistan 3

48+5MP Dual rear camera for Ultra-clear Image + Ultra-clear Night Mode for Night Photography

Supported by OPPO’s powerful camera technology, F11, and F11 Pro are both equipped with the most advanced camera system of the F series. As the rear camera has been greatly upgraded, F11 and F11 Pro feature an ultra-high standard 48MP+5MP dual camera system, F1.79 aperture, ball-bearing closed-loop VCM, 6P lens, and 1/2.25-inch image sensors to bring more light. In bright light environments, the devices can directly output 48MP ultra HD pictures. In dark environments, F11 series’ “Tetracell technology” analyzes and combines the data acquired by four adjacent pixels to make it equivalent to a single pixel size of 1.6μm, doubling the size of the photosensitive pixel and shooting brighter and low-noise night portraits.

F11 and F11 Pro are also powered by ultra-night mode and Dazzle color mode, which is, OPPO’s system-level optimization solution specially designed for smartphone photography. This solution automatically recognizes the shooting scene and matches it with the targeted optimization solution. In ultra-night mode, it distinguishes between portraits and backgrounds, focuses on faces, and adjusts skin color in night portraits to enliven the overall effect. This also intelligently reduces the overall noise, suppressing highlights, improving the dynamic range, and increasing the brightness of dark areas to make night shots clean and clear.

Through a flawless combination of hardware and software, OPPO F11 and F11 Pro offer an exceptionally robust rear camera capability, enabling young consumers to easily capture the world and record all the delightful moments of their lives.

Oppo Launches F11 Pro, F11 and F11 Pro Avengers Edition in Pakistan 4

From Selfie Expert to Portrait Master

OPPO has worked for years to advance the field of selfie photography, and with the F11 series has taken the next step to propel users to portrait master. The F11 series is equipped with a 48 MP image sensor and F1.79 large aperture. Together with a 6P lens, the camera can sense more light when shooting in low light conditions, ensuring more details are captured. When capturing a night portrait, the included Tetracell technology analyses and combines data from four adjacent pixels to achieve the equivalent of a single 1.6μm pixel. Twice the number of photosensitive pixels improves light sensitivity and allows users to capture clearer night portraits.

We want OPPO to be an innovator that brings the latest, high quality technology to our users. Now with the release of our 1st ever portrait phone, we have full faith that the OPPO F11 Pro with its 48+5 MP camera, Ultra Night mode and new Color OS 6 technology will allow OPPO users to experience outstanding photography even in low light, will prove to be a real game changer for the smartphone industry.

Mr. George Long, CEO OPPO Pakistan

A New Design Experience: From Trend to Art

OPPO has achieved breakthroughs in design, incorporating vigorous natural beauty into the F11 series via gradient color design.

OPPO advocates an aesthetic of “natural creation” and has captured the beauty of nature in the F11 Pro via breakthroughs in both materials and workmanship. OPPO is also the first smartphone manufacturer to create the first triple-color gradient design, Thunder Black. This unique design blends red and blue into classic black, akin to a meteor streaking across the night sky. OPPO also created a unique double-color gradient design, Aurora Green, which draws inspiration from vibrant blue oceans interwoven with lush green continents.

Oppo Launches F11 Pro, F11 and F11 Pro Avengers Edition in Pakistan 5

The F11 series comes equipped with a 6.5-inch FHD+ screen, featuring an aspect ratio of 19.5:9 and a screen-to-body ratio of 90.9%. In particular, the F11 Pro features a hidden front camera module to free up space for its full screen display. The motor on the front camera modules has been thoroughly tested to ensure it can operate 100 times usage per day for 6 years without fail, thus ensuring a positive user experience.

From Photography to All Purpose

The F11 series also succeeds in upgrading the overall user experience. First, the F11 series comes equipped with a 4,000mAh battery, 500 mAh higher than the previous generation. The brand new VOOC 3.0 flash charging technology shortens charging time by 20 minutes compared to the previous generation, which means the F11 series can be charged within 80 minutes. The F11 series contains a low-power MTK P70 CPU and ram-equipped display, while it also accurately monitors app power consumption to optimize app performance.

The F11 and F11 Pro are also equipped with the new ColorOS 6 system, specially designed for full screen smartphones. The innovative borderless design further increases ease of use.

Oppo F11 Series Launch Gallery:

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