How to Move Google Camera Portrait Photos to Gallery on Pixel and Non-Pixel Phones

GCamTool helps you move your portrait photos taken with the Google Camera app to the folder of your choice. Every time you take a portrait photo using the Google Camera app from your Google Pixel 2 or any of the non-Pixel Android phones, the camera app creates a new folder in your main pictures folder i.e. DCIM and saves the two photos in it. Google Pixel and Pixel 2 phones only have Google Photos on it instead of a secondary Gallery app, so the portraits and your regular images look neatly organized. However, this can be very annoying for those who like to use a separate Gallery app for browsing through and managing photos. Google Camera is only officially available for the Google Pixel and Nexus devices, but a modded version is also available for other non-Pixel phones.

So whenever you need to find a portrait photo in your Gallery app, you have to scroll down folders and folders created by the Google Camera app just to find that one image you are looking for to share. This is where GCam Tool comes in. It is a small app created by Naveen Naushad of AppTuners. For someone like me who is not a fan of Google Photos as a photos gallery app, GCam Tool allows me to keep my pictures (burst mode photos, portraits, HDR shots etc.) all in one folder (DCIM). And with a small donation, it can also clean up the mess of sub-folders left in your phone.

Google Camera - Portrait Photo from Pixel 2

GCam Tool – Free Android App:

GCam Tool organizes your photos in such a way that whenever you take a portrait, this app can quickly copy the picture and save it to the destination of your choice. You can choose to keep all the photos in one folder, or you can just move the photos with the portrait effect.

Here is a quick rundown of the features this little app offers:

  • Choose which photos you want to move to gallery
  • Select custom source and destination folders
  • Batch move multiple files
  • Option to delete the sub folder created by Google Camera

This neat app is only useful if you use a third-party Gallery app to organize and sort through your pictures. We doubt you would need this app if you only use Google Photos.

Download GCam Tool from Google Play Store

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