How to Fix Push Notifications in Twitter for Android

Having problems with push notifications on your Twitter app? You can use this guide to set up push notifications properly and tailor them just for you — and also fix the device limit issue. Notifications are quite important especially if you interact with Twitter often. The amount of applications having access to your notifications increases as your phone gets old and you install new apps which leads to missing some important news and messages. In this post, we will focus on optimizing the Twitter app. We will tell you how you can minimize the number of times your phone is buzzed while increasing its importance. Also. if you are having issues generally with the app, you can also read this guide to reset any conflicting settings and hopefully fix your problem.

Twitter only allows a limited number of devices being connected to a single account. It can occur that you sell or exchange your old phones without revoking Twitter notification access or account access which leads up to accumulation of authentic devices. This guide, hence, will also dictate how you can revoke access and set up devices only important to you. Read further to gather up all the info on fixing push notifications in Twitter for Android.

How to Fix Push Notifications in Twitter for Android

The following steps will show you how to block or give access to certain notifications that your phone eventually notifies you about and even fully disable or enable notifications from the app.

Step 1 – Enter the Twitter app and tap on the “three dots” shown on the extreme top-right of your screen as highlighted in the screenshot below.


Step 2 – From the following pop-up menu, you should tap on Settings.


Step 3 – In the settings menu, you would be able to see Notifications. Select it!


Step 4 – Make sure your Sync data is ON. After making sure it is, select Mobile Notifications.


Step 5 – This menu will now allow you to select the things you want the app to notify you about. Select the things as per your liking. The master switch for notifications is located on the extreme top-right. If you want to disable notifications altogether then slide the button.


How to Fix Device Limit for Push Notifications

If the above method doesn’t work for you, it is quite plausible you might have reached your allocated device limit of 25. Fortunately, there is an easy fix. Find out all the details right below.

Step 1 – Sign into your Twitter account through a desktop browser. You can do this also on a mobile device, just access from a browser and make sure you have checked “Request Desktop Site”

Step 2 – Your profile picture will be displayed on the top-right. Click it and select Settings from the corresponding menu.


Step 3 – Once in the settings menu, you will see Apps option. Select it.


Step 4 – Revoke access to the app currently installed on your device. Hint: It will be something named Twitter for Android by Twitter Inc.

Step 5 – Uninstall the Twitter app from your device by using the App drawer or by accessing App settings from the Settings app.

Step 6 – We recommend you give your device a reboot before proceeding.

Step 7 – From the Play Store, search Twitter and install the official client.

Step 8 – Log in and manage your Mobile notifications in the process mentioned above.

We hope that your Notifications start flowing in effortlessly, if you still face any sort of issue do let us know in the comments!

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