How to Fix Galaxy S9 Black Screen of Death Issue

This is a guide on how to fix the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ black screen of death issue on the phone. Samsung Galaxy S9 has just started making its way to the markets, and as people are getting their brand new Samsung flagship phone shipped, we are getting reports of several users have problems with the phone already. This has always been something that happens with every new major phone launch. Once the phone is out in the hands of customers, problems arise and then the OEM has to quickly issue a software update to fix that. This is where we could help you out with a few fixes and solutions while Samsung prepares a system update for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S9 is a beast of the phone. It comes with every top-notch feature and hardware you can think of from a high-end Android device. But that doesn’t mean it comes without problems. The black screen of death is yet another issue in the list of problems we have found with the Samsung Galaxy S9. This issue has been mostly found with users who have rooted the Galaxy S9 or installed a custom recovery to tweak around with system files.

Black Screen of Death on Samsung Galaxy S9

How to Fix Galaxy S9 Black Screen of Death Issue

In the black screen of death problem, you phone does not display anything. It does not start on pressing the power button or the Bixby button. At first, it looks like the phone has completely died on you, but that is not the case. You can always send in your phone for a replacement, but that is annoying at you have to reset the device, remove all your data and then wait for the new phone to get back. You sure have spent a lot of money on the Samsung Galaxy S9, but it is bad enough to keep on re-installing and setting up the phone again and again.

The black screen of death issue has bugged Samsung users since a long time. Several of Samsung phones have faced this and over time, users have discovered several solutions that have worked for them. We try to compile and list down the fixes for you.

Solution #1 – Hard Reboot Phone

The first thing to try with the black screen issue is to reboot your Samsung Galaxy S9 / Galaxy S9 Plus phone. Since the screen is not working or nothing is displayed on your phone, you will have to hard reboot the phone. To do that, hold your Volume Down and Power buttons for about 10 seconds. You should feel a small vibration which would indicate your phone is now rebooting.

This helps if there is a software issue causing the display to not show anything. After reboot, if you still face the same black screen problem, head over to the next solution.

Solution #2 – Charge Galaxy S9 for 10 Minutes

Samsung Battery Details

Another solution to get around the problem is to charge your phone for a while and then try to reboot the device. This helps if you have a faulty battery in your Samsung Galaxy S9. In the end you will still have to send in your phone for a replacement, but if this works, you will get to have your data back. Read: How to Backup Data on Android Phone.

  • Connect your phone to a charger with the USB cable.
  • Charge your phone for about 10 minutes.
  • Now try pressing and holding the Volume Down and Power buttons together.

Solution #3 – Boot into Recovery or Download Mode

If none of the tips above work for you, you can also try booting your Galaxy S9 into recovery mode or download mode to see if that works. We have separate tutorials on how to enter both of these modes on the Samsung Galaxy S9:

Solution #4 – Send Galaxy S9 for Replacement

We hate to say this, but at this point, you should consider sending in your phone to the Samsung Service Center to get it checked or if your warranty allows you to, get a replacement. Like we said earlier, this is to be done as the last option as it requires you to setting up the phone all over again.

Let us know in the comments below if any of the tips and solutions worked for you in getting the “black screen of death” issue sorted out.

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  1. My phone froze, then went black. The hard reboot worked on my Samsung Galaxy S9+ now to solve the problem that the phone will not update…..

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