How to Fix “Device is not Certified by Google” Error

We will take you through the whole process of addressing “Device is not Certified by Google error” in this article. In recent times, Google has passed a new standard which every device that is shipped has to follow in order to run Google apps. This compliance is mandatory for each manufacturer. If you have a device that didn’t ship with Play Store out of the box and you need to access these services, implement the instructions ahead. Further, this guide applies to users who have Play Store installed but are still receiving this error.

In theory, this error should be confined to devices which don’t have pre-installed Google apps like the Play Store or are running custom ROMs which, again, don’t come with Google apps but unfortunately, in some cases, it has effected users who had these services installed on their devices right out of the box. The solutions intended to address this problem remain the same in both scenarios so read the procedure ahead carefully and once you are done implementing it, you should have fixed the annoying error message.

How to Fix Device is not certified by Google

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As discussed, this error originates on devices that are not on the Certified by Google list. We will try to solve that by white listing the device manually through the procedure ahead.

Solution #1 – Register Your Android Device

Google actually allows you to register your device to get it certified and have it running all the Google apps and services. To register it, you need a code that is unique to devices. To find out the code for your device follow the procedure ahead.

  1. Download Device ID APK.
  2. Install the app manually. For a detailed guide on how to manually install apps, read: How to install APK on Android devices.
  3. Get your Google Services Framework (GSF) ID from the app.
  4. Copy the unique code for further use.

Once you have the code, you need to register it using Google’s online page.

How to Fix “Device is not Certified by Google” Error 2

  1. The device ID app gives you your ID in hexadecimal which you need to convert to decimal. Do so by using an online converter.
  2. Head on to Google’s Device Registration page and input the code there.
  3. Tap on register to complete the process.
  4. Once done, new content will pop up on the page detailing devices under “Registered Android IDs”.

You would now see that your device has been certified. If you were looking to install Google apps, read: How to install GApps (Google Apps) on Android devices.

Solution #2 – Use Play Store Alternatives

If your main goal is to have Google Play Store running and that isn’t fixed with the solution given previously, you can look into Play Store alternatives which let you install and discover apps. Popular solutions include: microG and Galaxy (fork of Yalp Store). Both of these services don’t need Play Services to install apps.

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