How to Enable Gesture Navigation on Oppo F7

With the following tips, users would be able to navigate their Oppo F7 using simple gestures. From stock, F7 uses a traditional virtual button mechanism to perform simple navigation functions such as viewing recent tasks and jumping to home-screen. However, you can switch to gesture navigation quite easily. Part of the added features that ColorOS — Oppo’s Android skin — provides, is this new method of interacting with the smartphone. Read right ahead to find out how you can enable built-in gesture navigation on your Oppo F7 smartphone.

In a recent trend to increase screen real-estate, developers are toying with gestures to completely remove the need of static buttons. Before virtual buttons, we had physical ones that didn’t interrupt the actual display and now, we are progressing towards gestures. Third-party developers have come up with apps that let you enable navigation gestures but fortunately enough, Oppo F7 comes with them built-in at system level. All you need to do is, follow the guide ahead to enable these.

Enable Gesture Navigation in OPPO F7

How to Enable Gesture Navigation on Oppo F7

Discussed earlier, navigation gestures are built-in into stock system running on Oppo F7. Requiring no extra installation, users can simply enable them through the steps ahead and replace the stock virtual buttons.

Step 1 – Open the Settings app. Do this by navigating to home screen and finding the app shortcut or just simply drag down the notification center and click on the Gear icon.

How to Enable Gesture Navigation on Oppo F7 2

Step 2 – You should tap on Smart & Convenient section.

How to Enable Gesture Navigation on Oppo F7 3

Step 3 – From the resulting Menu, tap on Navigation Keys.

Step 4 – Now, simply enable Swipe-up Gesture Navigation.

How to Enable Gesture Navigation on Oppo F7 4

Step 5 – There are two further options which you can choose from. The first one allows for accessing back function simply by swiping up from either extreme side of the bottom whereas the second option just accommodates for home-screen gesture. Select the one you find convenient by tapping on the circle across each option.

That’s all! You should now have successfully replaced the virtual keys with gestures hence also increasing the usable screen real-estate. If you ran into any issues on your Oppo F7, reach us in the comments section.

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  1. mine doesn’t have smart & convenience but it does have smart service and convenience tool. When I press swipe from both sides, it says it is not allowed if the TalkBack service is on but my TalkBack service is already off. Im confused I don’t understand please help

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