How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Maps

With this guide, you can switch to Dark Mode on Google Maps on your Android smartphone or tablet. New Google Maps app introduces a revamped settings screen for navigation. Within the new screen there are now lists of different options divided into different sub-sections making access even more organized and convenient. Further, there’s also a new color changer present in Settings that’s sure to come as a pleasant surprise to many users. Google is continuously improving its Maps by introducing new features. Previously, Google introduced some new features such as New Events Section, Elevation data for Walking and Cycling. The new Events section that shows upcoming events you may be interested in. Now Google Maps latest update brings Dark Mode Navigation setting. Latest app version will allow the users to enable Dark Mode when required.

Previously, Google Maps automatically switch between the light and dark theme, depending on the time of day and whether you’re driving through a tunnel. However now, users can manually set the dark mode when they desire. Also, the new feature will only affect the navigation mode, it does not affect the entire app. This is a great way to save some battery if you are traveling around a lot.

Enable Dark Mode, Google Maps

Other than the new theme options, Google has made it easier to navigate and understand Maps’ settings. Users can now choose to avoid toll roads and ferries right from the Navigation settings page instead of having to start a route and then adjust the options that way. Users can even adjust the loudness of the assistant’s voice during navigation which is super helpful when using it with headphones or in the car while music is playing.

How to Turn On Dark Mode in Google Maps

Follow the step by step guide to enable the dark mode in Google Maps:

Step 1 – Launch the Google Maps application and go to settings through side menu

Step 2 – In settings, you will find Navigation Setting. Tap in it.

Step 3 – Find the Colour Scheme option under Map Display and select Night.

You have now enable the dark or night mode in Google Navigation. If you have any further questions, do drop a comment below.

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  1. This entire page was written for nothing?
    This is nonsense, it doesn’t work like that. Night mode means when you actually NAVIGATE, the map turns dark after you start the journey (and only in car mode).

    Dark mode is a dark interface.

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