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Microsoft recently launched Visual Studio for Mac and the stable version is now available for download. After the first preview of Visual Studio which arrived in November for the macOS, Microsoft, during the Build event, announced the full version of Visual Studio. Visual Studio has been Microsoft’s premier Integrated Development Environment. However, the lack of availability on Operating Systems other than Windows hindered its overall usage. Thankfully, that all is about to change with this first general iteration of Visual Studio designed for the macOS. You can download the installation file for your Macintosh system through the link given below.

IDEs are usually judged upon their ability to display code effectively, have cross-platform support and great debugging abilities. Microsoft’s Visual Studio packs all that and even more. There is a key utility Microsoft owns and now has integrated to Visual Studio, Xamarin. This utility lets you share code among platforms such as iOS and Android thus unlocking mobile application development through Visual Studio.

Visual Studio for Mac

Visual Studio – Features

Here are some of the key highlights of Visual Studio for macOS:

Designed with macOS in mind

Rather than porting over the Windows version of macOS, Microsoft has developed Visual Studio from the ground up to suit the workflow. The User Interface has been flattened, icons have been improved and shortcuts mapped perfectly to fit with existing ones on macOS.

Collaboration Services like GitHub come included

Microsoft wants its Visual Studio users to collaborate and for that, it has introduced GitHub and Visual Studio Services. Both can be utilized while writing code and developing on Visual Studio.

Mobile Apps can be developed with Visual Studio

Thanks to Xamarin, Visual Studio now lets you share code over multiple platforms such as iOS, Android and now, macOS.

Ability to make Web Apps

As Visual Studio supports ASP.NET, developers can easily code the front-end of websites and use Visual Studio to directly upload the code to the cloud.

Cross-platform Games can be made

Unity and Visual Studio combined can be utilized to make games that run effectively on more than one platform.

Download Visual Studio for macOS:

Visual Studio – More Information


This version of Visual Studio is specifically designed to support macOS.

Credits: Microsoft

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