Download OnePlus Slate Font – TrueType Format Fonts

We have here, available for download, complete OnePlus Slate font set in TTF format. On OnePlus devices, there is a unique font that is used throughout the system. Having a design similar to Roboto which is Android’s official font, OnePlus Slate has been developed solely to be used on OnePlus smartphones. If you are looking to change your current device’s font or need to new typefaces for a design, try out the minimal OnePlus Slate fonts attached right ahead.

There is one main face to OnePlus Slate and of that, there are multiple variations such as bold, black, medium and thin. In total, there are 7 different width options which users can choose from. As all are TTF (TrueType Format) fonts, they can be directly installed on various devices including computers as well. Further, we have compiled all OnePlus Slate fonts into one single ZIP package for easier download and application.

Download OnePlus Slate Font

OnePlus Slate Font – Details:

Slate font from OnePlus is found solely on OnePlus smartphones but fortunately, through this guide, you can install it on your device as well. As mentioned, there are a total of 7 different width options available.

Download OnePlus Slate Font - TrueType Format Fonts 2

Following are the different OnePlus Slate Font styles you would find packaged in the ZIP:

  • SlateForOnePlus-Black.ttf
  • SlateForOnePlus-Bold.ttf
  • SlateForOnePlus-Book.ttf
  • SlateForOnePlus-Light.ttf
  • SlateForOnePlus-Thin.ttf
  • SlateForOnePlus-Medium.ttf
  • SlateForOnePlus-Regular.ttf

Download OnePlus Slate Fonts:

The procedure of downloading and installing is quite simple. Download the ZIP package from ahead, extract it and then proceed to individually install each font on your computer or phone.

NOTE: All font files are in TrueType Font format (.ttf) which means it would be compatible with a wide variety of systems.


After downloading, you can install it directly. We have a tutorial on how to install fonts on Android phones through several different methods. You can read here: How to Install Fonts on Android Devices.

What do you think about this font? Share with us your opinion in the comments section ahead.

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