Download Honor View 20 Themes for EMUI devices

We have complete and official Honor View 20 themes available for download right ahead. New Honor View 20 is just hitting the shelves and if you are interested in buying one, you can try out these themes from the new device on your current EMUI smartphone. The most notable hardware on the View 20 is its display. In a bid to get rid of the infamous notch, Honor has come up with a new idea which places the front camera as a “hole” on one corner of the display. This makes the screen to body ratio even higher but without any notch. Showcasing this hardware feat, Honor has included unique EMUI themes which can be directly downloaded and installed on older Honor / Huawei phones.

EMUI is a skin that premiered on Huawei devices originally. Being a sub-brand of Huawei, Honor smartphones also ship with this skin. Integrated within this overlay, is a Theme engine which manages colors, icons, fonts and even wallpapers. While there is a vast number of third-party themes, Huawei usually ships new smartphones with their own unique OEM ones that can’t be accessed via the store. Fortunately, We have gotten a hold of all official View 20 themes so you can download them and install them immediately on your smartphone with the guide ahead.

Download Honor View 20 Live Wallpapers

Also, not everyone can afford buying a new phone to just get better user experience every time a new model is out. So, installing themes and changing UI is most easiest and least expensive way making your phone look and feel like new.

Download Honor View 20 Themes for EMUI Devices

The new Honor has ten exciting themes that will be available later this to many of the MIUI supported devices. However, you can even try them right away if you own a Xiaomi phone that runs on MIUI.

All MIUI users can download these new Honor View 20 themes for their current old or new devices and experience what’s coming in terms of user interface in new update.

You can download Honor View 20 themes from the following download link:

Size: 106.15 MB

Once downloaded you can easily install them, by extracting the zip files and importing those themes in MIUI Themes app on your phone.

How to Install Honor View 20 Themes on EMUI Devices

You can carefully read through the following instructions on how to install these Honor Play themes on any of the EMUI based Huawei or Honor phones:

Step 1 – Download Honor View 20 Themes from the given link.

Size: 106.15 MB

Step 2 – Extract the folder onto your your computer or if you downloaded it directly on your phone, extract it to your internal storage or SD card.

Step 3 – There should be a HWtheme folder on your phone’s storage. Check first in the Internal memory and then the SD card. If you don’t find it, you can create one manually. Once created / found, copy FILENAME.hwt files directly to this folder.

Step 4 – Now, go to the built-in Theme Manager app on your Honor/Huawei smartphone.

Step 5 – As we have downloaded and extracted the themes already, head on to Offline section.

Step 6 – You should find the View 20 themes here along with any others that you previously downloaded. Select the theme you want and then tap on Apply.

If you are unable to import and install these themes due to Designer Account failure, there is another way to get around it.You will have to download MIUI Themes Editor and use that to install these View 20 themes on your phone.

Do you like these themes? Let us know your views in the comments below.

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