Download Google Camera 7.5 APK for Google Pixel and Other Phones

This is where you can download new Google Camera 7.5 APK for Pixel phones or GCam Mod 7.5 for non-Pixel devices. Google’s proprietary Camera app that runs primarily on Pixel phones has become the gold-standard for mobile camera apps. Thanks to its simple yet functional UI and an impressive list of features, Google Camera app doesn’t have much competition. Whether you own a Pixel phone or are trying to install Google Camera on other Android devices, here is where to download Google Camera 7.5 APK.

Improving from Google Camera 7.4, the latest 7.5 iteration prepares itself for future Pixel phones such as Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5. Thanks to APK decomposition by 9to5Google, we are able to deduce what sort of upcoming features Google is currently working. These features, for now, aren’t complete / activated. We expect them to show up alongside Pixel 5 or Pixel 4a 5G release. Till then, you can download Google Camera 7.5 APK from right ahead.

What’s new in Google Camera 7.5?

Google Camera 7.5 builds upon 7.4. It doesn’t add any new drastic features that can be utilized right away. However, from reading the source-code, there are new lines within the source code that hint to new features which are currently being developed.

Upcoming Features:

Here is the list of features that we expect to be activated in the next version of Google Camera:

  • Motion blur
  • Audio zoom
  • Flash intensity
  • Video sharing

Despite no new features, Google Camera 7.5 will have improvements in terms of bug-fixes and enhancements of existing options so that in itself makes the release a worthy try!

Google Camera 7.5

You want to Google Camera / GCam Mod ports for other Android phones, check our Google Camera Download section!

Download Google Camera 7.5 APK and Gcam Mod 7.5 APK:

We have APK files available for both Pixel devices as well as other Android phones.

For Google Pixel Phones:

Google Camera app has its own Play Store listing and the latest version can be installed to from there. For users who haven’t gotten the update via Play Store, or don’t have access to it, can use the following link to manually download latest APK.

This APK requires Android 11 to be installed so Pixel phones running older Android would not be able to install it.

For Other Android Phones:

By default, you simply can’t run official Google Camera APK on your non-Pixel Android phone. For that, you need to get a GCam mod. We are listing below a universal GCam Mod 7.5 APK that will work with most phones. For a device-specific GCam app, check out our GCam section!

NOTE: The original Google Camera is targeted to run on Android 11 and newer releases. For now, what GCam Mod does is, it allows Pixel users with Android 10 to try the app out. A more general port is expected in the future — we will update this article once that happens!

How to Install Google Camera 7.5

After you have downloaded your desired APK, use these steps to install it.

  • Transfer the APK file to your phone if you downloaded it on your computer.
  • Find the APK file through a File Manager.
  • Tap on it to open install wizard. (Requires Unknown Sources option to be enabled in Settings.)
  • Complete the installation.

Once the wizard finsihes, you can open Camera app to see the new changes. For a more in-depth guide on how to install an APK file on an Android device, you can read:

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