Download Good Lock 2020 APK with Android 10 Samsung One UI 2.0 Support

Samsung has now launched Good Lock 2020 which comes with updated modules that work with Android 10 and One UI 2.0 phones. And you can also download Good Lock 2020 APK from the links below. For those unaware, Good Lock is Samsung’s central suite that allows users to customize the software skin and features. Last year, when Android Pie was announced, an updated Good Lock app was launched, similarly, Android 10 has now received its own Good Lock 2020. Available from Galaxy Store, you can read ahead to download the APK manually as well.

Good Lock works with modules which are required to be separately downloaded from within Good Lock itself. The app joins the modules into one single space for easy access. Most used modules are: LockStar, QuickStar, Task Changer, and Routines. With LockStar and QuickStar, you get loads of customization for your lockscreen and overall UI.

Samsung Good Lock 2020

Good Lock 2020 – What’s New?

For this latest iteration of Good Lock, Samsung has worked to integrate it better with Android 10 and all its new functionality. Almost all modules have been reiterated. If you upgraded your device from Android Pie and still have modules installed, uninstalling and reinstalling them is recommended. Also, Good Lock now supports dark theme as well.

Available from Galaxy Store, the roll-out is phased. Despite some devices being eligible to install Good Lock, few plugins are not yet available. However, we hope it will change soon as Samsung pushes finishing touches.

Download Good Lock 2020 APK

There are two main ways you can get Good Lock 2020 on your phone.

Galaxy Store:

To get Good Lock, you can go to Galaxy Store and download it from there. Here is the direct listing.

Good Lock 2020 APK:

Unable to see Good Lock in your region? you can try out Good Lock by downloading the APK manually and installing that.

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Reach us in the comments with your Good Lock experience and let us know which device you installed it on. Also, catch us on our YouTube channel.

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