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This tutorial is on how you can download and install the Samsung Galaxy S9 theme on any Android phone. Just finished drooling over the new Samsung Galaxy flagship? Read this quick post on how to install Galaxy S9 theme on any Android device and make your current phone look like the Galaxy S9. The new Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are the latest flagship phone from the Korean manufacturer. These devices were announced at MWC 2018 last week and will go on sale mid-March. If you cannot wait for this phone to arrive, you can now install Galaxy S9 theme on your Android phone.

The beauty of Android over any other mobile OS is the sheer amount of customization it offers. As Android has grown, not only has the customization grown but the way you customize it as well. This guide will show you how exactly you can download Galaxy S9 theme and have it running on your current device. We will be using Substratum to change the look and feel of your phone to that of the Samsung Galaxy S9. So that means, you will need to have Substratum installed on your phone. Read ahead to find the complete instructions.

The new Galaxy S9 from Samsung brings a lot of hardware changes but along with that, it also brings software tweaks as well. The latest TouchWiz UX has been heavily refined and made better. Thankfully, even before the phone has arrived in stores, developers have been able to replicate how the Galaxy S9 looks like software-wise in this easy to install Substratum theme. All you need is an Android device with Substratum installed, read below for the full procedure.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Theme - Substratum

Samsung Galaxy S9 Theme – Details

The Galaxy S9 theme builds quite closely with the real deal. As with the original smartphone, the base starts off with Galaxy S8’s TouchWiz and after some additions and tweaks, it comes out to be quite close to what we have seen on the Galaxy S9. The theme, fortunately, features the new style of navigation buttons, which you can switch between and also the latest color scheme of white with a touch of blue.

Galaxy S9 theme relies on Substratum engine, the most popular theming engine for Android. Most Android enthusiasts already run Substratum as their daily and switching between the new Galaxy S9 Theme should be a breeze. Nonetheless, we have added complete installation steps ahead.

Download Samsung Galaxy S9 Theme

Before going ahead with the setting up process, you need to download the Galaxy S9 theme first on your phone. You can download and install from the link below:

How to Install Galaxy S9 Theme with Substratum

Now follow these steps on how to install, apply and set up the Galaxy Evolution / Galaxy S9 theme from the Substratum app on your phone:

Step 1 – Configure Substratum Theme Engine on your device. If you are running Android Oreo, you would not be required to root. Here is the complete guide on how to install: How to Install Substratum Engine on Android Phones without Root [Android 8.0 Oreo].

Step 2 – Install the Galaxy Evolution app from the Play Store through the link given before.

Step 3 – Open your Substratum theme engine app.

Step 4 – Select Galaxy Evolution and then click on apply!

That’s all there is to it! You can now enjoy the full Galaxy S9 theme running on your current Android device.

Leave us a comment below if you need any help on installing or setting up the Galaxy S9 theme or Substratum theme engine.

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