Download Android Q Beta 3 for Google Pixel Phones

Launched at I/O 2019, Android Q Beta 3 is now available for download for all supported Pixel phones. This release brings the most comprehensive changes since the arrival of Android Q. There are various new features, bug fixes and improvements introduced within Beta 3. There is now a complete system-wide dark mode which can be enabled directly from the notification center. Further, navigation gestures that were introduced in Android P have been largely improved.

While still being far from final release, Android Q Beta 3 is quite a step up from previous Beta releases. Also, this release is a good base point for developers to start optimizing their apps for Android Q and also utilize new functionality that was not possible before. Ahead, we have listed complete Android Q Beta 3 factory images that can be directly downloaded for Pixel phones. Users running older Beta builds can use OTA to update their devices.

Download Android Q Beta 3

Android Q Beta 3 – New Features:

This release brings new features to Android Q. As we said, Beta 3 is quite an extensive release and carries multiple new features such as Dark Theme.

Listed ahead are some highlight features introduced in Beta 3:

Dark theme

Many users prefer apps that offer a UI with a dark theme they can switch to when light is low, to reduce eye strain and save battery. Users have also asked for a simple way to enable dark theme everywhere across their devices. Dark theme has been a popular request for a while, and in Android Q, it’s finally here.

Starting in Android Q Beta 3, users can activate a new system-wide dark theme by going to Settings > Display, using the new Quick Settings tile, or turning on Battery Saver. This changes the system UI to dark, and enables the dark theme of apps that support it. Apps can build their own dark themes, or they can opt-in to a new Force Dark feature that lets the OS create a dark version of their existing theme. All you have to do is opt-in by settingandroid:forceDarkAllowed="true" in your app’s current theme.

Download Android Q Beta 3 for Google Pixel Phones 1

Gestural navigation

Many of the latest Android devices feature beautiful edge-to-edge screens, and users want to take advantage of every bit of them. In Android Q we’re introducing a new fully gestural navigation mode that eliminates the navigation bar area and allows apps and games to use the full screen to deliver their content. It retains the familiar Back, Home, and recents navigation through edge swipes rather than visible buttons.

Users can switch to gestures in Settings > System > Gestures. There are currently two gestures: Swiping up from the bottom of the screen takes the user to the Home screen, holding brings up Recents. Swiping from the screen’s left or right edge triggers the Back action.

Download Android Q Beta 3 for Google Pixel Phones 2

Family Link

Family Link is a new set of controls to help parents. Starting in Android Q, Family Link will be built right into the Settings on the device. When you set up a new device for your child, Family Link will help you connect it to you. You’ll be able to set daily screen time limits, see the apps where your child is spending time, review any new apps your child wants to install, and even set a device bedtime so your child can disconnect and get to sleep. And now in Android Q you can also set time limits on specific apps… as well as give your kids Bonus Time if you want them to have just 5 more minutes at bedtime. Family Link is coming to Android P and Q devices this Fall. Make sure to check out the other great wellbeing apps in the recent Google Play awards.

Download Android Q Beta 3 for Google Pixel Phones 3

Download Android Q Beta 3 Images

As for now, the only ways to get Beta 3, you can either setup an Android Studio Emulator or you can download any one of the following images to flash them on actual hardware or sign-up with the Beta program to get OTA directly.

Here are the official download links available for Pixel smartphones:

Download system factory image for Pixel 3 XL (crosshatch): Download Android Q Beta 3

Download system factory image for Pixel 3 (blueline): Download Android Q Beta 3

Download system factory image for Pixel 2 XL (taimen): Download Android Q Beta3

Download system factory image for Pixel 2 (walleye): Download Android Q Beta 3

Download system factory image for Pixel XL (marlin): Download Android Q Beta 3

Download system factory image for Pixel (sailfish): Download Android Q Beta 3

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