How to Disable Bixby Button on Samsung Galaxy S9 / Galaxy S9+

This is a tutorial on how you can completely disable Bixby button the on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. Samsung rolled out Bixby, their very own smart assistant last year after the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8. And since then, Samsung has kept a dedicated button on their phones to access and enable Samsung Bixby. But unfortunately, Bixby is hardly used by anyone when there is Google Assistant installed in every Samsung Galaxy phone.

The easiest way out of this would have been if Samsung allowed users to use the Bixby button for something else, like starting the camera or another app from the dedicated button. Instead, they gave us two options – use Bixby or disable it. That same has been done again with the new Samsung Galaxy S9.

Disable Bixby Button - Samsung Galaxy S9 / Galaxy S9+

Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+: Disable Bixby Button

Samsung Bixby has been rejected by everyone, from critics to users. Yet, Samsung continues to include a dedicated Bixby button for the same purpose. And worse, you are not even allowed to re-map the Bixby button for some other purpose. You can re-map, but you need a rooted phone for that. Several updates were rolled out to disable re-mapping of the Bixby button. This clearly showed how forceful Samsung was to make people to start using Bixby on their phones. In the end, they had to roll out an update which brought the option to completely disable Bixby button.

Once disabled, your Bixby button becomes just like your Power button. Well, it is still better to have two power buttons than Samsung Bixby.

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How to Disable Bixby Button on Galaxy S9 / Galaxy S9+

If you decide to opt out of Samsung Bixby and want to completely disable off the button, here is a little tutorial on how to do just that. It would have been much easier if Samsung allowed to modify the button for something else, officially, but well, we can’t always get the good things in life!

You can disable the Bixby button by following these steps:

Step 1 – Access Bixby assistant by pressing the Bixby button.

Step 2 – At the main screen of Bixby, tap the Settings icon at the top right of the screen.

How to Disable Bixby Button on Samsung Galaxy S9 / Galaxy S9+ 1

Step 3 – The option to switch Bixby key on or off will show up once you press the Settings icon. To turn OFF the Bixby key, tap the sliding button as shown below.

How to Disable Bixby Button on Samsung Galaxy S9 / Galaxy S9+ 2

That’s simply it! Now whenever you push the Bixby button, your phone will turn on the screen as if you pressed the Power button of your phone. This works with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. You can also use these same steps for the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and the Galaxy Note 8.

If you have problems finding the button, get to us through the comments and we will get back to you.

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