Boid: A Beautiful Twitter App for Android 4.0+ Phones

Boid: A Beautiful Twitter App for Android 4.0+ Phones 1

Boid for Android. A beautiful Twitter client for Android 4.0+ phones is now available in the Google Play Store.I’m always in search for great Android apps. Specially, if there is a new Twitter client in the Store, I always check it out hoping that it would be my next “primary Twitter app”.

I used to be a loyal user of Seesmic for Android and have referred it to countless users, but as time went by , that app is still the same even after years and no major UI improvements were brought to the app. Hence, I got bored and started looking for something new.

Boid for Twitter

Twitter for Android, the official Twitter app on Android, was my next app. I used it for a while but that’s when I found out about Boid for Twitter. It was still in quite an early stage with only an option to post a tweet or check your timeline and mentions. It was (and still is) an app for Android 4.0 devices only that uses the latest APIs from Ice Cream Sandwich. This is why it is not available on previous Android releases.

Boid is a Holo-themed, neat Twitter client with a very simple and smooth UI. It is super fast and the recent few updates have even made it error free. It is to be noted, Boid for Twitter is still in pre-beta stage and will take a few days (or weeks) before it gets to the beta stage.

Boid for Twitter

A bunch of teenagers from around the globe have managed to create what we can call “the best Twitter client” available at the moment. for Android phones. A full tablet version will be available soon. Lots of features are coming soon to Boid for Twitter i.e push notifications, photo uploading etc. The entire roadmap and upcoming features can be found in this document.

The team at Boid also has plans to develop “the best Facebook app” on Android, built entirely using the Holo theme. But they will start working on the Facebook app once they have made Boid for Twitter stable enough to be out of beta stage.

Download Boid for Twitter

Have an Android phone with Ice Cream Sandwich? Head over to the Google Play Store and get Boid: Download Boid for Twitter.

UPDATE: You can still download Boid for Twitter app, but the app no longer works. It is not maintained / developed by the team anymore.

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