Best Phones to Buy Under $200 – October 2019

Looking for a new phone? Here are some of the best options if you have a budget of $200. While flagships are continuing to climb in price, there are plenty of customers whom are looking for value focused solutions. And thanks to overall competition along with trickle-down effect of latest technology, many good value & budget phones have popped up. Not only do these phones sport some amazing designs but they also function quite well without breaking the bank. To ease your buying decision, we have sorted the best phones available for purchase right now that don’t exceed the $200 price-mark within this singular article.

Android being open-source, there are loads of manufacturers competing to provide the best overall phone. Be it tech-specs, software or overall design, there are a lot of variances! Hence, something for everyone. Our list focuses on best value, considering tech-specs, design and software experience as a whole. Further, there is no particular order to our list, all are great buys!

Best Budget, Value Phones, Under $200

Best Budget / Value Android Phones Under $200 – October 2019

It wasn’t long ago when buying an Android device, anything less than a flagship was quite hard to use. However, as technology has become cheaper, value focused phones are proving to be the best practical devices out there. Sure, you miss out on some cutting edge features but that doesn’t effect the overall fundamental performance of the device. Here are our top picks:

Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 (Faux Leather Edition)

Best Phones to Buy Under $200 - October 2019 2

Y series from Huawei is geared towards the younger audience. From the vast lineup, Y7 Prime 2019 comes out to be a great sub-$200 buy. Sporting a large screen with a minimal notch and a unique faux leather Amber Brown finish, it competes quite well.

Dual Cameras supported by AI, rear-mounted fingerprint scanner and a large battery is what’s going for Huawei Y7 Prime 2019. Further, EMUI ties everything together and provides a great overall software experience. For an in-depth look, make sure to read our complete review of Huawei Y7 Prime 2019.

Samsung Galaxy A20

Best Phones to Buy Under $200 - October 2019 3

From Samsung, Galaxy A20 is what the brand offers as its $200 price-range offering. With a familiar Samsung design, this phone sports a large 6.4 inch display that has minimal bezels and a drop-style notch. Further, it features Samsung’s proprietary Exynos chipset along with One UI software based on Android Pie.

An AMOLED screen at this price-point is whats most enticing, further, the phone comes equipped with dual rear cameras as well.

Realme 5 Pro

Best Phones to Buy Under $200 - October 2019 4

Realme has been really redefining the budget category for quite some time. The brand has recently unveiled its latest Realme 5 Pro phone which replaces older Realme 3 Pro. Offering a whopping 48MP module within its Quad camera setup, it is surely a treat for users looking towards great mobile photography on a budget.

The phone comes wrapped in this nice polygonal gradient finish that sets it apart from others. Further, running ColorOS, the software experience is great in terms of optimization and customization options.

Xiaomi Mi A3

Best Phones to Buy Under $200 - October 2019 5

While not exactly $200, Xiaomi’s Mi A3 deserves a special mention. Clocking in at $250, it is a great device that runs Android One. If you are unfamiliar, Android One program basically allows manufacturers to produce a phone that will essentially run updates directly from Google just as on a Pixel phone.

Mi A3 also features a 48MP camera sensor on the back along with a 32MP camera sensor for the front. Within this budget, you also get an in-display fingerprint scanner as well!

This has been a detailed look at various phone options for users looking to buy a new Android phone that falls within the $200 budget. Do make sure to catch us on: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

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