Best Multiplayer Games on Android 2020: Play Games with Friends

Here are our top-picks, best multiplayer games on Android that you can play with your friends! Testing times such as these where social distancing is important, friends can still catch up by playing online games together. Since Android has one of the largest user bases, it provides great incentive for game developers. Through the large variety of games available on Play Store, here are few top-rated multiplayer games that you should definitely try out.

Gone are the days of old where you had to have your friend physically with you to enjoy multiplayer / split-screen mode. With the advent of internet and, more recently, Android phones, users can easily play together despite being in different locations. Further, there are loads of options to choose from as to which game to play. With our best multiplayer games list ahead, it will give you a great starting point to begin exploring and enjoying Android multiplayer games.

Best Multiplayer Games on Android

Best Online Multiplayer Games for Android – Play Store

In order to have something for everyone, we have split our list into different genres, different game styles. Easily view your favorite category or browse through all to find something new.

Battle Royale Games

Battle royale is a very recent genre that has picked up great boom on Android. With the key goal to survive among other players, these games provide great entertainment and fun.

PUBG Mobile

Players Unknown Battlegrounds or PUBG for short is available on Android. Initially starting on desktop hardware, the game now supports phones. You can enjoy playing with your friend live. The game has stunning graphics and a wide variety of character options.

PUBG Mobile - Best Multiplayer Online Game on Android

The game is available free to download from the Play Store:

For users who have phones that can’t handle the standard PUBG app, there is also a PUBG Lite version available that you can try out:

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Call of Duty Mobile

Another great title arriving from consoles and computers is, Call of Duty Mobile. This mobile focused version of the game allows for online play, carries multiple playing modes including Battle Royale and also features classic maps.

Call of Duty: Mobile - Best Multiplayer Online Game on Android

The game is completely free to download:

Arcade / Board Games

The classic genre of Arcade and Board games is also a great option when you are looking to play online with friends. Here our top picks from this game style:

Ludo Star

Simple yet so addictive, Ludo Start is a full fledged ludo game that you can play on your mobile directly with your friends. Just as you take turns in rolling the die in real life, the game has similar rules and concepts.

Ludo Star - Download Multiplayer Game on Android

Get Ludo Star 2.0 for free from Play Store:

8 Ball Pool Pool

Another great classic game to enjoy online with friends is 8 Ball Pool. Instantly join in with your friends to take turns striking the ball. The simple physics with animated graphics provides great entertainment.

8 Ball Pool - Best Multiplayer Game on Android

Get the game installed on your phone from Play Store:

Sport Games

These are game titles that offer sport emulation with added functionality of multiplayer. Here are our picks for this genre:

Tennis Clash: 3D

Tennis comes to life with Tennis Clash, a game that offers multiplayer mode to compete online with your friends from the comfort of your home. The physics have been well received by users and are properly tuned for a mobile experience.

Tennis Clash

You can get Tennis Clash from Play Store via the following link:

World Cricket Championship 2

For cricket lovers, World Cricket Championship 2 is available to be played online with your friends. Immersive graphics with simple controls is what makes this game so popular among users. You can play online in various different styles!

World Cricket Championship 2

Here is the direct download link to install World Cricket Championship 2:

These were all our best multiplayer games available for Android! Hopefully you found some great titles to enjoy. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments.

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