Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 has been around for few months now and here we have compiled all the top cases that you can buy for it. Seeing how the design of a smartphone is fixed, cases provide an extra layer of personalization and style. Thanks to the fact that Galaxy S9 is a popular flagship, there are numerous cases available on the market. In this guide, we have sieved through them all to find the best. Ranging from hard-shell cases to rugged protection covers, we have included all in our comprehensive best case list for Galaxy S9.

Galaxy S9 features Samsung’s Infinity Display which means the screen is curved on both of its vertical edges. This design aspect truly makes the Galaxy S9 stand-out and enables it to provide true immersion by virtually removing the bezels on either side. However, there is one drawback to it, which is durability. Galaxy S9 is more fragile than smartphones that have flat front screens hence making it even more important to have a case applied on it at all times. Thankfully, with our best case list ahead, you would be able to pick something that suits your style and doesn’t compromise the design while still offering protection.

Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9

Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9

Ahead we have listed our favorite case picks for the Galaxy S9. These are not sorted in any specific order rather, the guide tries to cover at-least one good case in each style. Further, the list also includes Amazon buying links for our US readers.

Samsung Alcantara Case

Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2018 1

This case is truly a unique take on standard hard shell cases. On top of providing a layer of protection against drops, Samsung’s official Alcantara case for Galaxy S9 features a plastic base which is then wrapped with the much sought after fabric that is mostly used in high-end cars and other premium products — Alcantara. There are variety of color options available for this case so you can choose the one you like the most. Our favorite is the blue variant.

$26.49 US dollars listed on Amazon

Maxboost HyperPro Case

Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2018 2

For high levels of protection against drops and falls, you should definitely take a look at Maxboost Hyperpro case. The case comes in multiple parts and contains a shock gel around the borders to provide a cushioning effect when the device falls. Further, the pricing for this case is quite low, compared to the protection it offers, which is a big plus! Only downside is, once applied, your phone will become considerably thicker and bulky.

$9.95 US dollars listed on Amazon

Spigen Thin Fit Case

Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2018 3

Spigen is an established name when it comes to cases. For Galaxy S9, we think Spigen’s Thin Fit case is its best offering. The whole case comes as a single snap-on plastic cover. While it doesn’t promise to keep your phone as protected as bulkier covers in substantial drops, it does protect the glass from scratches and remains quite thin.

$12.99 US dollars listed on Amazon

UAG Plasma Case

Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2018 4

UAG is a case brand that provides extreme protection for mobile smartphones and it is available for the Galaxy S9. We recommend testing out the Plasma case from UAG as it features a transparent back and signature UAG rugged design. The case transforms the phone’s look considerably but, it adds ruggedness and the case’s design is something quite unique.

$39.95 US dollars listed on Amazon

Spigen Crystal Clear Case

Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2018 5

For users who want a case that doesn’t comprise the color or design of the device, we advise you should try Spigen Crystal case. This cover would provide basic level protection against drops without adding bulk or different designs. Further, there is no issue of color matching involved.

$10.99 US dollars listed on Amazon

Ringke Wave Case

Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2018 6

Ringke Wave caught our eye due its unique design and dual tone finish. The case itself is quite beautiful and when applied to the Galaxy S9, it only enhances the device’s looks. Moreover, there are more color options available than the one shown above.

$14.99 US dollars listed on Amazon

Caseology Parallax Case

Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2018 7Similar to Ringke, we love Caseology’s Parallax cover as it ingrates this neat polygonal design at the back. The case is two piece so it would be able to withstand drops and falls. Again, there are variety of color options available for this cover so choose the one you like.

$13.99 US dollars listed on Amazon

These are all! Do you think we missed any? What are you rocking currently on your Galaxy S9? Reach us through the comments below.

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