Best ARCore Apps and Games

These are the top picks from our side for the best apps and games based on ARCore platform.

As Augmented Reality implementations grow, here is a list of best ARCore apps as well as games that you can enjoy on your Android phones. ARCore, as the name suggests, is Google’s framework for Augmented Reality. Rather than being device bound, ARCore works on any device that is running Android Oreo or newer. Further, the framework is completely free and can be installed directly from the Play Store. Now, after installing the framework, you would be able to download the ahead given ARCore apps and games and test out new, amazing AR experiences.

AR is relatively new and it has opened a whole new dimension for making games and apps that more immersive. Basically, through AR, your device would be able to project things onto the real world as well as it would be interact with it. Whether you are buying new furniture and want to it to test how it would look in a certain space before making any decision or you want a more immersive look at a new car concept, Augmented Reality has endless opportunities. To highlight the capabilities of ARCore, we have ahead listed the best apps and games for Android.

ARCore Apps

What is Google ARCore? Here is a brief explanation:

ARCore is Google’s own system for Augmented Reality. It is available for both iOS and Android. The main goal with it is to provide developers with key tools so that they can implement their ideas within AR. Google itself has detailed the key details on ARCore and they are as follows:

ARCore’s motion tracking technology uses the phone’s camera to identify interesting points, called features, and tracks how those points move over time. With a combination of the movement of these points and readings from the phone’s inertial sensors, ARCore determines both the position and orientation of the phone as it moves through space.

In addition to identifying key points, ARCore can detect flat surfaces, like a table or the floor, and can also estimate the average lighting in the area around it. These capabilities combine to enable ARCore to build its own understanding of the world around it.

Best ARCore Apps

As mentioned, ARCore features can be used in a number of ways in various app ideas. A lot of work is being done by developers using ARCore and some have already rolled out apps for others to try.

We have compiled a list of such Android apps that you can try out on your devices to check their capability and performance regarding AR.

AR Ruler App – Tape Measure & Camera to Plan

Best ARCore Apps and Games 2

This app is probably the most useful implementation of AR. Through this, users can easily and accurately measure out lengths of certain planes and objects. This is especially great for situations when figuring out dimensions of a certain thing or place to see whether a new item for it would fit.

Further, on top of the simple length measurements, there is support for angles, circles and area dimensions as well.

To test out AR Ruler app, download fromGoogle Play Store.

AR Furniture

Best ARCore Apps and Games 3

Through AR Furniture, users can project and display different models to scale in spaces such as different rooms. A variety of different models are available and multiple can be placed at once so you can design a space without having to move physical furniture.

Unfortunately, these models are pretty basic and you can’t buy them rather it is just a proof of concept showing AR capabilities.

To test out AR Furniture, download from Google Play Store.


Best ARCore Apps and Games 4

This is one of our favorite apps that utilize AR. Sketchfab makes use of ARCore and community built 3D models to bring them to you in real life. There are a lot of diverse model categories which makes the app quite unique. Be it items from your favorite movie or academic focused models, there is something for everyone on Sketchfab.

The best part is, Sketchfab is growing consistently which means there is always something new to explore or try out.

You can install Sketchfab by downloading it from Google Play Store.

Monster Park AR

Best ARCore Apps and Games 5

This app is designed to bring dinosaurs into real life through AR. There are a wide variety of different models to choose from. What’s particularly nice is that these AR models can interact as well as move. Also, depending on what you like, you can size these models accordingly.

Unlike the Jurassic game, you don’t have to play to unlock all dinosaur models rather they are available readily.

Get Monster Park AR for your device, by downloading it from Google Play Store.

Atom Visualizer for AR

Best ARCore Apps and Games 6

To better understand the science behind Atoms and Chemistry, this great Atom Visualizer app relies on ARCore to bring detailed Atom models into the real world. This can be quite helpful for demonstrating the atomic model in a classroom setting. App utilizes Bohr models to represent atoms.

You can immediately start visualizing atoms with AR using Atom Visualizer, download it from Google Play Store.

Best ARCore Games

Expanding from apps, AR has a great use for games and here are some of the ones we feel you should test:

Porsche Mission E

Best ARCore Apps and Games 7

Wonderfully using Augmented Reality, Porsche has developed an app solely to showcases its fully electric Mission E concept which is to be released soon. The best thing is, the model is quite interactive. You can change the size of the car, color scheme. Further, you can browse the interior as the car can open and close its doors on demand.

Further, to play around, there is a drive mode which lets you operate the car. This experience is pretty close to having an RC car and running that.

Experience Porsche Mission E concept by downloading the app from Google Play Store.

Pokémon GO

Best ARCore Apps and Games 8

Bringing the fictional to the real, Pokemon GO is a brand new take on the classic Pokemon franchise. This app provides great entertainment while also showcasing what modern era technology is capable of. The game mainly relies on Augmented Reality and GPS to provide a wholesome competitive experience. To capture Pokemon, the app displays them in the real world and you have to catch them by throwing a Pokeball — all thanks to AR.

The unique thing about Pokemon GO is, it integrates another real life dimension — physical location — which is great to experience.

Start catching Pokemon by downloading Pokemon GO from the Play Store.

Jurassic World Alive

Best ARCore Apps and Games 9

Similar to Pokemon GO, Jurassic World Alive completes the fantasies of having dinosaurs in the modern world. Through Augmented Reality, users are able to project full-sized T-Rex dinosaurs straight to the real world. Further, the game allows its players to collect dinosaurs by traveling to real-life locations and also they can be used to battle against friends.

You can get the Jurassic World Alive app installed by getting it downloaded through Google Play Store.

Paper Toss AR

Best ARCore Apps and Games 10

Paper Toss was a great hit when it first came out as a game but taking it to the next level, Paper Toss AR lets you play in the real world straight through your phone. By mapping the basket onto the actual floor, this makes the game that more immersive. The concept, however, is the same. You have a paper ball which you have to throw into the basket. If you move farther away, the distance from basket increases and so does the points.

Start playing Paper Toss AR and download it through Google Play Store.

These were all the apps that we think are a must-try to make the best use of Google ARCore. We would try to regularly update this post with more, so do subscribe. Also, do let us know about your favorite AR app in the comments!

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