Best Android Controllers and Gamepads for Phones & Tablets | August 2020

Here is a comprehensive list of best Android controllers and top gamepads available for phones and tablets. Android has become the go-to solution for many mobile players thanks to its wide variety of games, emulators and arcade apps. However, one key factor that most gamers wish for is the ability to play via a controller. With this top list, we have sorted the best controllers available for purchase that are designed to work with Android.

Phones and tablets make use of touchscreens for their main input. While this is a perfect way to interact for normal menus and apps, it doesn’t work as well for demanding games. Call of Duty Mobile or PUBG Mobile, for example, require loads of button presses and movements making it a little bit annoying to play solely with the device’s touchscreen. To gain an advantage and play better, you can buy and pair your device with a Android controller or gamepad from the list ahead.

Best Android Controllers

Best Android Controllers for Phones and Tablets

In no particular order, all the gamepads listed ahead work with Android and have proven to be reliable. Based on user reviews, personal experiences and pricing, we have short-listed the following Android controllers.

PS4 Controller

First up in the list is Sony’s PS4 controller. Made for PS4 console, DualShock 4 doubles up as a great mobile gamepad. It not only works over bluetooth but has a great integration base in games. Further, Android has built-in mapping for DualShock 4 that makes the whole experience that much better.

Best Android Controllers and Gamepads for Phones & Tablets | August 2020 2

Further, DS4 carries triggers on the back and a large selection of buttons, making it perfect for high-quality gaming on Android phone or tablet.

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Razer Junglecat

A controller made for mobile gaming in mind is Razer’s Junglecat. Its unique design that can integrate phones of various sizes within itself is truly astounding and ergonomic. There are two analog joysticks along with a large variety of buttons present on this Android controller.

Best Android Controllers and Gamepads for Phones & Tablets | August 2020 3

The pricing is a bit steep for the controller but it is purpose-built and has all that one can ask from a proper controller. A downside with the gamepad, however, it works with a limited number of phones and doesn’t support tablets.

Razer Raiju Mobile

This is yet another gamepad built by Razer but in a more traditional design. Inspired from the Raiju controller for PS4, the mobile version integrates a built-in clip to hold your phone. The design layout is drastically different from the original DualShock 4. In fact, it resembles an Xbox controller — a great option for Xbox enthusiasts.

Best Android Controllers and Gamepads for Phones & Tablets | August 2020 4

A simple pairing experience with built-in support is what make Razer Raiju a good option for gamepads to pair with Android. The price, however, is even steeper than the Junglecat.

8BitDo SN30 Pro

8BitDo is a dedicated hardware brand that makes variety of controllers inspired from classical designs of the past. If you are looking to get joysticks, standard buttons and a design that is comfortable, SN30 Pro is a good choice.

Best Android Controllers and Gamepads for Phones & Tablets | August 2020 5

Wirelessly you can pair 8BitDo SN30 Pro with your Android phone. Further, there is a smartphone clip on sale that you can add to enhance the gaming experience that much more.

SteelSeries Stratus Duo

Coming from the popular gaming brand, SteelSeries, the Stratus Duo is a multi-purpose controller. In addition to relying on bluetooth for pairing with your Android phone or tablet, it comes with a 2.4GHz mode and dongle. This is a great option for users who want to buy a single gamepad that can work as an Android controller as well as a standard gamepad for PC.

Best Android Controllers and Gamepads for Phones & Tablets | August 2020 6

To make Stratus Duo work with Android, you only need to pair the gamepad. No software configuration required, just plug and play.

This was our best Android controllers list for gaming. Do you think we missed a controller? Let us know in the comments below.

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