How to Backup/Restore Angry Birds and Save to Dropbox

Backup Angry Birds

How often do you reset your phone? Or install custom ROMs? Or run into problems that make you wipe all the data from your Android phone? Well, at least I do that a lot now and I love playing Angry Birds as well. It has always been frustrating and annoying that after my phone gets reset or changing phones, I have to start all the way from level one in Angry Birds. Not anymore.

You can now backup Angry Birds – all versions – and save the backup file on your SD card or just upload it to your Dropbox from where you can restore anytime later or on any phone you want. The app is totally free to download and use. You can get it from the Google Play Store or just download it from the link below.

UPDATE: This tutorial is now valid anymore. The developer has deleted his “Angry Birds Backup” app.

These following games are supported by this app:

  • Angry Birds
  • Angry Birds Seasons
  • Angry Birds Rio
  • Angry Birds Space

How to Backup Angry Birds: Seasons, Rio, Space and Save to Dropbox

Follow the simple steps to backup Angry Birds game saves on Android phones and upload to Dropbox:

NOTE: You should have played atleast one level in Angry Birds that is to be backed up/restored.

Step 1 – Download Angry Birds Backup from Google Play Store.

Step 2 – Open the app and check which Angry Birds you want to backup.

Step 3 – Tap the “Backup” button to backup to start.

Step 4 – Once the backup completes, you can connect your Dropbox account with the app and upload the backup file there.

That’s it! All your game saves and levels will be backed up for you to easily continue playing from where you left when you change phones or reset your Android phone!

Backup Angry Birds
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  1. How can you forget Titanium Backup for any such features? although I believe it will require you to have a rooted device.

  2. […] is the latest new game released by Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds. Just like how you can backup or restore Android Birds game save files, you can backup/restore Amazing Alex game progress and save files as […]

  3. Can anybody help me? I just got a new phone and am trying to restore my Angry birds games (all of them) from my backed up version of dropbox. But I cannot find the Angry Birds Backup app in Google Play store anymore. And I am unable to retrieve my saved files with out it. Other backup apps don’t work. I have consistently backed up my games on both my SD card and dropbox and now it looks like I have to start them all over again.. This is crazy.

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