About Us – 2015 (Old)

Team Android is a technology blog about Android, Google’s mobile OS platform. It is primarily focused on the day to day how-to guides, basic/advanced Android tips and tricks and complete tutorials on how to modify your Android phone with custom ROMs, system tweaks or simply gain root access on your device.

Disclaimer: This site, TeamAndroid.com, is in no way associated or affiliated with Google or Android.

How Did We Start?

Team Android was started back in April 2012 as a small experiment by Haris Nadeem, the current chief editor. After a break for few months, Team Android came back with proper and more structured guides and tutorials covering a range of Android phones and tablets by popular manufacturers i.e. Samsung, HTC, Sony etc.

About Team Android

The popular developers corner, XDA-Developers, is no doubt the biggest online Android developers community and resource available. It contains thousands and thousands of custom ROMs, official firmwares, system tweaks and a number of other tools. Not just XDA-Developers, there are tons of more forums with such great developers community and contributions. We found one big problem with it. The tutorials/guides given on these websites are never clearly written and most of the time when a first-time user tries to perform their given tutorials, always end up messing up his/her device. We, plan to change that with our clear and well-written step-by-step instructions in our how-to guides and tutorials.

Our example guide on battery saving tips: Battery Saving Tips for Android Phones – All You Need To Know.

Similarly, all of official Samsung firmwares can be found on SamMobile, the largest Samsung fan website. No proper tutorials have been added to install each firmware on your Android phone or tablet. Most of our official firmware tutorials are all from SamMobile, but obviously with a clear tutorial with all the instruction steps needed to install that.

Let’s Be Friends

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