Google Camera Go Update Brings Night Mode and HDR

Google Camera Go has just been updated to support Night Mode and HDR photography. Announced earlier in 2020, Camera Go app from Google is designed to be a less resource heavy variation of the standard app so that it can run on entry-level hardware. In achieving this goal, many amazing features of the complete Google Camera app had to be cut out including the Night Mode — which we think is absolute key to Google Camera’s success. However, with the latest version of Google Camera Go app, Night Mode and HDR capability is finally being added.

To appeal to markets that can’t afford flagships or even mid-range phones, Google has created Android Go. Unlike the standard Android version, this iteration requires less hardware resources to run, be it processing power or storage. Again, to get the basic OS working on lesser resources means cutting out extra features which is why Android Go can be considered as a Lite version of Android. Similarly, Google Camera app had to be reworked as well. But, features like Night Mode and HDR are finally making there way through!

Google Camera Go, HDR, Night Mode

Night Mode and HDR on Google Camera Go

Google Camera Go app was recently updated to support HDR and only now its getting an additional Night Mode. Different to Night Sight on full fledged Google Camera app, this mode will allow budget phones to take multiple shots of a single scene and then stitch them together for better overall photos.

Since hardware is a big limitation, this is the most efficient solution that Google can come up with for Android Go users. More, we should soon see a Google Camera Go port that will allow users running standard Android to test the app out.


Google Camera Go update with Night Mode and HDR is rolling out first to these devices:

  • Nokia 1.3
  • Wiko Y61
  • Wiko Y81

After the rolling out to these three phones, the update will launch to a larger device base as well as be made available for more regions.

To download Google Camera Go, Android Go phone owners can directly check for the update on Play Store whereas standard Android devices would have to wait for a port. You can find all latest Google Camera ports here: Download Google Camera APK Port Hub.

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