COD Mobile Season 9 Requirements for Android / iOS

COD Mobile Season 9 Requirements for Android / iOS 1

COD Mobile Season 9 requirements for Android as well as iOS have finally been disclosed and you can learn about them in this detailed article! Being such a large patch with various major changes, COD Mobile Season 9 is getting a requirements list of its own. The minimum requirements have now been tweaked to support Android 4.3 and above. Further, recommended OS has been upgraded to Android 8.0. As for iOS, iPhone 7 is now the minimum hardware spec for COD Mobile Season 9. Complete COD Mobile Season 9 specifications have been listed ahead.

COD Mobile is turning out to be one of the most demanding games for mobile devices. Be it iOS or Android, it now serves as a great benchmark to compare various phones and their respective performance figures. Seeing how Activision introduced loads of content and fundamental changes within Season 9, it was obvious that a COD Mobile Season 9 requirements list would be published which would be different to that of previous versions — and here it is!

COD Mobile Season 9 Minimum Requirements

Call of Duty Mobile supports both Android and iOS. More, it also supports cross-play which allows users on either platform to join and play with their friends that are on a different one.

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With the official update just days away, users can consult minimum / recommended COD Mobile Season 9 requirements to make sure that their current device is eligible for the update once it arrives.

COD Mobile Season 9 Requirements, Android / iOS

COD Mobile on Android:

Since Android runs on a diverse set of devices from various manufacturers, COD Mobile has listed internal specifications for its minimum / recommended requirements instead of a single phone name.

Compare the following configurations with the spec-sheet of your device to see where it stands:


CPUDual Core 1.2GHz
VersionAndroid 4.3


CPUOcta Core 2GHz
VersionAndroid 8.0

COD Mobile on iOS:

Since iOS devices aren’t as diverse as Android, the minimum requirements are pretty straight forward. Any iPhone before iPhone 7 would not be able to run COD Mobile Season 9.

Further, the recommended hardware states iPhone 8 which means all the newer iPhones will be able to run the game quite easily. Additionally, if you own an iPad, all versions released after iPhone 7 would be able to play COD Mobile Season 9.


  • iPhone 7
  • Software Version: iOS 9


  • iPhone 8
  • Software Version: iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12

These were all the COD Mobile Season 9 requirements. We hope your device made the cut and you can enjoy the new update immediately after it is released on the Google Play Store or the App Store!

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