Is Google Pixel 4a Waterproof?

In this article we will be discussing all the details revolving around the question: Is Google Pixel 4a waterproof? Being the latest entrant to Google’s Pixel family, Pixel 4a is a value focused phone designed to deliver a great Android experience. Further, since the original Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL had water resistant hardware ratings, prospective customers are curious whether those apply to Pixel 4a’s. Let’s discuss ahead!

Google initially used to team up with third-party hardware manufacturers to launch its Nexus phones. These devices ran stock Android, just as Google intended, without any overlaying skin. However, over the past few years, Nexus lineup has been replaced by Pixel phones. Not only is Pixel made by Google solely but the main series comes at a premium price-point — higher than that of Nexus. Since not all can afford premium devices, the brand has come up with “a” versions that feature mid-tier hardware and are affordable. In this article we will discuss does Pixel 4a skip on water resistance to bring the price down?

Measuring Water Resistance and What is an IP Rating?

For standardization of water resistance qualities of a device, there is a IP scale — Ingress Protection scale. Through this, a nominal value can be assigned to devices exhibiting varying levels of water and dust resistance.

IP scale isn’t only meant for water resistance, rather it is for covers both solid as well as liquid ingress. However, for electronics, dust is the most common ingress particle that can cause damage as well as water so all IP values use these substances as a reference. More, to measure both qualities, the scale utilizes dual digits.

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Google Pixel 4a IP Rating Guide

Popular IP Ratings and their Differences: IP53 / IP66 / IP67 / IP68

Here are the IP scale divisions and the quality of protection for each. Higher IP value equates to better protection:

IP Rating / CodeDescription
IP53Rated as protected against solid bodies larger than 1mm and protected against water splashes.
IP66Rated as “dust tight” and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water.
IP67Rated as “dust tight” and protected against immersion.
IP68Rated as “dust tight” and protected against complete, continuous submersion in water.
IP69 / IP69KRated as “dust tight” and protected against high-pressure / steam jet water.

Google Pixel 4a IP Rating

Now that we have discussed what the IP rating system is and how it decides whether a phone is waterproof or not, let’s see how does Pixel 4a stand on the scale. To achieve water resistance, Pixel 4a needs to be at least IP68 — which signifies that a phone a can survive continuous water submersion as well as can be categorized as dust-tight.

Owing to the price-point of Pixel 4a, Google has unfortunately left out water resistance. This means, Pixel 4a is not water resistant neither waterproof. Where it is definitely a bummer, at this price, we can’t argue much. The additional development cost for deploying waterproof hardware would have definitely bumped the price up. More, if customers were given a choice, they would have picked better internals / lower price instead of waterproof capabilities.

Google Pixel 4a vs Pixel 4

Like with most other phones that we have seen in the past, with no official IP rating, they tend to survive a drop within a shallow water body. This is due to the modern manufacturing processes which have lesser tolerances as compared to the ones executed, say, 5 years back.

Dos and Don’ts with Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a does not have a IP rating and it is clearly stated by Google that it isn’t waterproof. All of this means that owners should be extra careful with their phones especially near pools, restrooms and beaches. We did hint that Pixel 4a might have some degree of water resistance but it not should be tested purposefully so extreme care is required.

Warranty plans do offer great protection for your device from accidental damages but unfortunately, most don’t cover water damage. Since electronics and liquids don’t go along well, we recommend looking into waterproof cases if you think your phone will be exposed to water regardless of your care.

What to do After Water Damage?

Google Pixel 4a Waterproof Guide

First part of fixing water damage involves making sure whether it actually is moisture that is causing the problems. Of course if you drop it in water, powering it off immediately and implementing the below mentioned process is required but sometimes, moisture can get in without you actually dropping it. If you suspect that then there are some tell tale signs that owners can use to diagnose water damage. These include: distorted speaker sounds, display stuttering / malfunction, bad charging or sync port. While this list definitely isn’t all, it serves as a good base for figuring out water damage.

Once you have concluded there is water damage, here is a DIY tip that you can try first before taking it to a repair center.

Rice Bag Method

One of the most popular DIY tricks to fix water damage on phones (and electronics in general) is the rice bag method. Once you pull out your phone back from the pool, pond or any water, power it OFF. Do not turn it back ON or you will risk short-circuiting the main board. Now put the phone is a sealed bag of rice and keep it inside for atleast 2-3 days.

Rice is known for absorbing water and this is exactly what it will do from inside your phone. Take out the phone after a few days and turn it on. If it powers on like normal, there is a good chance that would have fixed your water damage. However, if you still feel the phone is not functioning properly, you might have to take it to an official service center for repair.

Google Pixel 4a Waterproof – FAQs

Here are answers to popular questions that prospective Google Pixel 4a buyers will be asking, in terms of water resistance:

  1. What is the IP rating of Pixel 4a?

    Pixel 4a has no official IP rating. It is prone to water damage from exposure to moisture and water.

  2. Can I take the Pixel 4a with me in the pool?

    We recommend to not use your phone within the pool.

  3. I dropped my Pixel 4a in fresh water. Is my phone damaged?

    After you drop your phone, immediately take it out. Dry it out completely with preferably a towel or microfiber. Inspect the phone, if it works as normal, you don’t have to do any additional steps.

  4. How long does moisture stay in the phone?

    The duration of moisture inside the phone depends on several factors. like your surrounding temperature, the amount of water in your charging port, the type of water etc.

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