Where to Buy Google Pixel 4a in US

Where to Buy Google Pixel 4a in US 1

In this article are all the options from where users can buy Google Pixel 4a in US. The new “a” phone from Google comes months after Pixel 4 release. Despite being late, it still proves itself as a great value for users looking to enjoy vanilla Android and latest updates, all while still remaining within budget. With a suggested price of $349, it definitely brings strong competition to the budget segment of the Android phone market. If you are looking to buy Google Pixel 4a in the US, ahead are all the available choices.

Pixel 4a is placed right beneath the standard Pixel 4. With no accompanying XL variant, it is the most basic Pixel device you can buy right now from Google. More, to achieve the low price, it does have lower-end internals. It comes with Snapdragon 730 chipset and 6GB RAM. And, in a world of dual and triple camera phones, it has a single lens at the back. But, as we have seen in the past, thanks to Google’s optimization, Pixel 4a should achieve much more than what it has on paper.

Buy Google Pixel 4a, US

Where to Buy Google Pixel 4a in US

Google has really simplified its Google Pixel 4a offerings. Rather than multiple storage variants, color options and RAM capacities, there is just one Pixel 4a with everything fixed. Shipping from August 20th, pre-orders are already up.

As with every major phone launch, there are multiple retailers stocking the device. With the retail price remaining mostly the same, customers are being various benefits from each.

Depending upon which option suits you the best, here is where you can buy Google Pixel 4a in US.

Google Store

Where to Buy Google Pixel 4a in US 2
Where to Buy Google Pixel 4a in US 6

Google Store is offering the Pixel 4a at its regular $349. However, users can finance the phone with 0% APR and also, use the trade-in program to reduce the cost. Customers can choose to get their phone unlocked, with Verizon or with Google Fi.

Best Buy

Where to Buy Google Pixel 4a in US 3

BestBuy is offering its customers a 50$ discount if they choose to activate their phone today with a carrier (AT&T, Verizon and Sprint). More, if you open a new Sprint account, it is further $50 off bringing the price down to just $249.


Where to Buy Google Pixel 4a in US 4

Amazon is bundling the Pixel 4a with different official cases. If you get the phone bundled with the case, you get both for $389. Otherwise, you can also choose to get just the phone which is $349 at Amazon.

These were all the options. Orders will begin shipping from August 20th along with in-store availability. Overall, there are some good deals available on the Pixel 4a. Hopefully, you found the one that suits you!

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