How to Share your Screen on Facebook Messenger Mobile

Here is how users can share screen on Facebook Messenger mobile app. Released in the newest Facebook Messenger app version, users can now share their mobile screens with their Facebook friends. This functionality has been present for long on desktop version of Facebook but only recently has it been made available for mobile users. It serves as a great feature for all; people can easily share ideas, concepts or even content from the ease of their phones. To learn how to share screen on Facebook Messenger mobile app, implement the tutorial ahead.

Facebook Messenger is one of the top instant messaging as well as video / voice calling solutions. One of the reasons for its success includes the fact that it allows for much more than simple messages. Users can easily send documents, share images and links to their friends using the platform. Further, adding to it, users can now even share their mobile screens. Many might assume this feature is targeted for professionals and users who use Facebook for business but it serves for all as there are many scenarios where two or more friends might to share what’s being viewed on their screens.

Share Screen on Facebook Messenger Mobile

Screen Sharing on Facebook Messenger

Screen sharing has been around for ages on desktop. However, for mobile devices, it is quite new and something that users generally don’t expect. In fact, Facebook Messenger would be the first popular IM app to support the functionality. Thanks to growing integration of screen recording within Android, it is finally possible for third-party apps to seamlessly provide screen sharing.

There is a lot of convenience when people can share their screens while being on call. Use cases include showing unique content available on a single device, conveying problems that might be occurring on a phone or even discussing ideas using a drawing app. The possibilities are endless and we appreciate Facebook for bringing this feature right when users needed it the most.

How to Share Screen on Facebook Messenger Mobile

The procedure to sharing your screen on via the Messenger app is pretty simple. But, the button is placed in a sort of a hidden spot which is why we have the steps ahead — screenshots included. With nothing extra to install other than the latest version of Facebook Messenger, you can implement the following steps in no time.

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Before we begin, it is essential to be running the latest Facebook Messenger app, if not, update / install it from the Play Store.

Complete Steps:

Step 1 – Open the Messenger app.

Step 2 – Start a call with whom you want to share your screen. It can also be a group call.

Step 3 – Now, after the call is accepted, swipe up the button menu on the bottom.

Step 4 – You should see a Share your screen button, tap that.

How to Share your Screen on Facebook Messenger Mobile 1

Step 5 – Facebook Messenger will now ask for permissions to record your screen, grant it.

Step 6 – After you click on Start Now, other people on the call should now be able to see your screen. Your video would be turned off but you would still be able to communicate as normal.

Step 7 – Bring down your notification drawer to see the status of current call along with the option to stop screen sharing.

How to Share your Screen on Facebook Messenger Mobile 4

That’s it! With many people already on Facebook Messenger, screen share functionality can be used any time. Further, we found the service reliable with minimum lag.

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