How to Play Apex Legends on Android

Here is our tutorial on how to play Apex Legends on Android device or phone. For those unfamiliar, Apex Legends is quite a popular game that is based on battle royale multiplayer setup. It features stunning graphics along with great physics gameplay. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this guide, Apex Legends isn’t “officially” available for Android. To get around that, you can follow our steps ahead in order to play Apex Legends on Android.

Apex Legends is a free game which makes it easily accessible for all gamers. Further, since it is free, there is a large player base always on Apex Legends hence no long wait times for joining a game. In order to run this game on Android, we will use a streaming service that will stream Apex Legends from a compatible platform directly to your phone. Since game streaming is the next big thing, why not use that to stream game titles like Apex Legends on Android.

Apex Legends on Android

Apex Legends on Android Devices:

Apex Legends, as designed by developers, currently only works on selected platforms which include: Xbox One, PS4 and Windows. Where competing games like PUBG (Players Unknown Battlegrounds) and Fortnite have made dedicated mobile versions, Apex Legends is yet to follow. Earlier this year there were rumours that the team will be bringing Apex Legends on Android devices and an announcement will soon. However, there are not updates or any announcements from the developers so far.

In order to play Apex Legends directly on an Android device, you need to stream it from a playable platform. Gladly, there are solutions available on how you can execute that and in the end, have a running Apex Legends game on your phone.

How to Play Apex Legends on Android with GeForce Now

Since we have established Android doesn’t natively run Apex Legends, here is a method you can use to run the game on your device:

How to Play Apex Legends on Android 1

Nvidia has a streaming service named GeForce Now. While it is a paid service, for new users, they can enjoy 90-days of free trial. Also, you would have to first check if your region is supported by Nvidia. If it is, here is how to play Apex Legends:

Step 1 – Download Nvidia GeForce NOW from the Google Play Store.

Step 2 – Open the app and sign-up / sign-in.

Step 3 – From the app, search for Apex Legends and add it to library.

Step 4 – Next, you would be required to sign-in through Origin. For that, use your existing profile or create a new one.

Step 5 – Launch Apex Legends by clicking on Play.

That’s all! Now depending on your bandwidth, region and overall network load, your experience will vary. It’s recommended you use a wireless controller as well to play on your phone for the best experience.

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